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November 20, 2008

In this issue we feature The “New” Luxury: Home Fragrance Part Two- Nest Fragrances,
Le Cherche Midi, and Joya with featured interviews, Cinquieme Sens opens an Olfactory training center in New York City, view the stunning Holiday ‘08 from Bond No. 9
and UNDER THE RADAR: Estéban; An Exclusive Sniffapalooza Magazine Interview With Dominique Alison CEO . We feature Scents in the City: Clyde’s on Madison Fragrant Gems Amidst the Bobby Pins: An Interview with General Manager Rick Friedland and Blossom and Spice…and Everything Nice.  We are also proud to feature in-depth interviews with two artisanal natural perfumers: Sniffapalooza Magazine interviews Ayala Sender of Ayala Moriel Parfums and an interview with Laurie Stern of Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery that includes a review; "Cat’s Meow" by Tonie Silver, Yves Rocher Secrets d' Essences Rose Absolute & Iris Noir and a new fragrance from Switzerland by Perfumer Brigitte Witschi, who created the new fragrance "edelweiss".

We share with you; The American Society of Perfumers Announces Honorees from its 2008 Perfumers’ Choice Awards, Nature’s Bounty: How to Smell ’Up’, Even When the Dow is Downnnnnnnnn; Just our Two Scents , Parlux Fragrances signs Queen Latifah and Aftelier’s Mandy AfteI Introduces Cassisn.  We offer Estée Lauder’s Vintage Jewels collection, Ormonde Jayne’s new multi-wick candle and new release of Ormonde Jayne’s Zizan, Chicago Entrepreneur launches “lifetherapy”, Strange Invisible Perfumes Holiday 2008 and Caron Paris Pays Tribute to Haute-Parfumerie with Montaigne Diamélite

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December 1, 2008

In this issue we feature Sniffapalooza Magazine’s Scentsational Holiday Gift Guide,
The “New” Luxury: Home Fragrance Part Three - Antica Farmacista, Archipelago Botanicals including interviews  & "The Best of the Rest" , Viva La Juicy…The Grown Up Fragrance , UNDER THE RADAR: An Exclusive Sniffapalooza Magazine Interview With Salvatore Piazzolla of Hampton Sun and Parfums Mercedes Jus d'Amour new fragrance review by Juvy Santos.  We also feature UPTOWN GIRL: Perfumer / Aromatherapist Dawn Spencer Hurwitz opens new design studio & storefront in Boulder Colorado's fashionable district and "A Good Pre-Christmas Sniff at First In Fragrance, Germany" By Bettina d’Onofrio.

Finally, Sniffapalooza Magazine is proud to make a special announcement! 
THE fragrance event of the season is fast approaching and the one and only fragrance legend, Michael Edwards, author of Fragrances of the World, has granted us an exclusive interview. We are thrilled to welcome MICHAEL EDWARDS in a rare appearance as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of his iconic fragrance reference books and revolutionary classification system at Sniffapalooza's 2008 Holiday Fete.  Don't miss our next issue for the video and written interview with Mr. Edwards by Mark David Boberick.

Read more about the Sniffapalooza's 2008 Holiday Fete with Michael Edwards, click here.

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A Sniffapalooza Magazine Exclusive
Burning Down The House Series
The Influencers Speak

by Michelyn Camen

Sniffapalooza Magazine and Michelyn Camen interviews Jean Claude Ellena; In-House Perfumer of the House of Hermès, Michel Roudnitska, Mandy Aftel, Kilian Hennessy, Chandler Burr Perfume Critic for the New York Times, George Wuchsa-The Global E-tailer of First-In-Fragrance, Ron Robinson of Apothia, Andy Tauer, Yosh Han, Franco Wright and Adam Eastwood of LuckyScent, Vero Kern and Sarah Horowitz-Thran.

The ‘Power’ Influencers of Niche---men and women whose names are the ‘Mount Rushmore’ of the revolution. Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Thierry Wasser, Bertrand Duchaufour, Laurice Rahmé, Neil Morris, Karen Dubin and Karen Adams of Sniffapalooza.com

Part Five features Christopher Brosius of CB.I Hate Perfume, Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne Fragrances, Christophe Laudamiel and Christoph Hornetz ‘Les Christophs’, Nobi Shioyo of
S Perfumes, Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner; Co-Owners of Aedes de Venustas Boutique, Alessandro Gualtieri of Nasomatto, Marie-Helene Rogeon ‘La Reine de le Rose’ of Les Parfums de Rosine Fragrances blog.

Niche fragrance at its best is cutting edge, thought provoking and controversial. These are our anti-heroes and heroines of scent. Some are outspoken, some stay hidden in the shadows.  All are unique. 

Why did the sales of niche fragrances double within the last year and a half, while the commercial fragrance industry is losing ground?  With nearly a thousand new launches  a year, millions spent in advertising, flanker after flanker, what is happening to our fragrant world? I posed this question to a group of industry ‘influencers’ (les nez, the retailers, the niche and artisnal perfumers, the critics, the bloggers, and the owners of fine fragrance companies), who are leaving their thumbprints, as unique as their words, on the match that is burning down ‘the house of mediocrity’. 

In this extraordinary edition of “Burning Down the House”, an unprecedented panel of fragrance game-changers and some of the greatest innovators in the Fragrance industry share their personal perspectives and thought-provoking answers to the question:

“What are your feelings about the state of contemporary fragrance and how do you think the industry must evolve in order to stay relevant to an oversaturated market?”

Their words are uncut, unplugged, unedited. 

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Serge Lutens
Laurice Rahmé
Frederic Malle
Jean Claude Ellena

In a series written exclusively for Sniffapalooza Magazine, prepare yourself for a multi sensory olfactive journey, where fragrances embrace the worlds of fiction, fine art, film, music and dance.

Tales, myths, and larger than life characters thrive in the world of perfumery and this is what makes perfumery mysterious, multifaceted, intriguing, magical, and forever wavering between fact and fiction. In Volume 1, Book 1i. we meet the niche ‘feminines’ who had most profound effects on  us from both a literary and olfactive perspective.

In Volume 1, Book ii we meet a Cop and three Queens, a pampered socialite and a woman of ill repute, and an aging beauty and a Goddess. These fictional and/or iconic women span centuries and continents, blurring the lines between truth and fiction and time --- from the 10th century BC to the Year 2058. These are their fragrances; the scents that would bring them to life and live forever in the realm of our imagination.

Part 3 features Men in fiction – flawed as all men (and women) are, but men who dare to dream, to rule or to experience. Whether they are vilified or placed high atop a pedestal, here are five iconic men who 'lived' in a world long before our own time. These men will always resonate with us and are brought to life here through fragrance.

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January 6, 2009

In this issue we feature a Sniffapalooza Magazine Exclusive: An Interview with Camille Goutal, Artistic Director; Annick Goutal Parfums, we feature the continuing series "Real Men Wear Violets" By Michael W. Davis and The Scent of a Woman: Verno Kern’s Rubj". We continue this issue with "Milieu…The Fragrance for the New Year" and "An Old Chypre Recipe Reborn; Aedes Attains A Class Act With Une Histoire De Chypre" By Barbara vanBok.  We also offer the press release for the NEW Bond No. 9 BROOKLYN fragrance and Sniffapalooza Magazine interviews New York City Perfumer Alexis Karl of Scent by Alexis, we introduce two new products; the new release of PureDistance Parfume and a Puredistance Perfume Lounge opens in Vienna, we close out with ExfoliShave.

January 13: Due to the overwhelming response to our interview with Camille Goutal, Ms. Goutal has expanded her interview and in this edition reveals many new personal insights.

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Camille Goutal

DelRae Roth of Parfums DelRae
photo credit: Zenobia Barlow
January 19, 2009

In this issue we feature a Sniffapalooza Magazine Exclusive: Jean-Claude Ellena Réinventés Vanilla; Hermès Hermessence Introduces Vanille Galante , Sniffapalooza Magazine’s Exclusive Interview and breaking news item with Ms. DelRae Roth CEO, Creative Director of Parfums DelRae as she speaks of the latest fragrance Emotionelle with Michel Roudnitska.  We also feature The Magical Allure of Fragrances in Fairyland, A Perfume Review, Campos di Ibizia Reviews by Kathy Patterson, Another Birthday? Wear Grapefruit By Michelyn Camen,  Sniffapalooza Magazine interviews Trina Lewis Natural Perfumer, Founder and Director of HipLilly Aroma Couture™ and we finish this issue with The Allure of Amber by Michelyn Camen.

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The Pink Coffret is exclusive to NYC and San Francisco stores.  Pink Coffret with three Rose candles: Hawthorn Rose, Roses, Geranium Rose
Retail: $98

Sniffapalooza Magazine interviews
Mercedes Gagnon
Parfums Mercedes Jus D’amour

Mercedes, how did you come to get into the fragrance business?

Natural passion. As a little girl I’d play with flowers. I’d press them together, mix them together with kitchen
spices, and then sniff.  I had an aunt, Mimi, from Paris who would visit once a year. She couldn’t have children
and tended to dot on me a bit. Anyway, Aunt Mimi introduced me to the world of fine fragrance, couture and art
a 'la Katharine Hepburn but a lot curvier. She was a complete fasha-perfuminista!   I would get into her beautiful vintage burgundy Cartier make up case and mix everything together in little bottles. Here’s one I remember…
Chanel #5 with cinnamon, a little saphron to change the color, vanilla and a sprinkle of almond and orange blossom with a twist of lime and clover.

She had a million different perfumes creams and salves! I would test each and every one of them. Instead of being angry, she’s just let me destroy the classics and applaud everything I’d blend, from Cartier to Chanel Bvlgari. She would also share vivid descriptions of the couture houses and private perfumers she would visit and their magical maisons de parfums.

I understand that your family is involved in the business as well, distributors of botanicals and oils, please tell us about that.

My family was in the garment business but all of the men and women loved perfume. My friendship with Ken Voorhees of the 111 of Ungerer and company (ungereandcompany.com),  which began in my early 20s, is what propelled this everlasting passion. Ken so believed in my nose he sponsored many of my creations, including jus d’amour. He sponsored all the gift suites, send me samples of the most precious oils available and put me in touch with his sister, Stephanie, an amazing perfumer in her own right, who’d master my raw blends to a formula that could be repeated. So in love with Ken’s spirit, I hung on his every word of direction. He was a generous mentor who encouraged my appetite to create endlessly, but his true gift was to encourage me to share Jus D’amour.

What led you to create this fragrance, tell us your process…

I created a bath and body line named “bath and blues” and had a shop in Studio City under the same name. That line premiered at Fred Segals to Nordstrom’s and the blend was  “dolphin dreams” which reached over 350 stores nationwide.  At the same time my music career (Music at mercedesmusic.com, I-tunes etc) took off. Under the hot lights I’d sweat like crazy and discovered I couldn’t stand anything I had in my collection. That lead to the creation of   jus d’amour and was for my own private use, something I was bent on never sharing.

I understand that you’re very first fragrance, Parfums Mercedes Jus D’amour, sold out in just four days at Lucky Scent. That must have been an incredible feeling…

Close to that. I believe it might have been because they introduced jus d’amour at the sniffapalooza event at scent bar and luckyscent.com

Tell us about the fragrance you created, Jus d’amour, how did you decide on the notes?

Jus d’amour -Parfum notes include coco palm, aqua leaf accord, night-blooming jasmine, violet, Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood etc.... I was looking for a blend that wouldn’t have a rancid effect with stage heat; something sexy but natural that would inspire me to breath down to my soul, like that first breath of sensuous relaxation, or as luckyscent.com describes it, “a cashmere throw”. The oils were chosen by feel it was right the first time.

How did you get your first fragrance at the Lucky Scent on-line and the Scent Bar in Los Angeles? I have heard that there are hundreds of perfumers that do not meet with success on getting their product in the door so to speak- what was your secret?

I had a meeting with David Roma of Roma Films, executive producer of Snoop Doggs’s show “Fatherhood, on behalf of my client, boxer Roy Jones, Jr. Roy sponsored my music and through a twist of fate, I ended up representing him and working with princemarketinggroup.com (a sports marketing firm).  I arrived fifteen minutes early, and parked in front of Scent Bar. I happened to have a roll in my bag, a surprise since I thought I gave them all away on the set. I walked right in and handed the lady the bottle. She loved it. I gave her my card and then emailed a press kit with the promos we did. 

Shortly after, Franco Wright from luckyscent.com called. He said he loved the parfum and suggested some repackaging and renaming, which my business partner, Bruce Gowdy helped me achieve. Franco was involved throughout the entire process. We chose to have a jeweler make the emblems in sterling silver so it would be a bottle you’d want to keep and we unveiled it at LA Sniffapalooza event this past October and luckyscent.com.  We now have Carla Sherman as our global sales director and she's lining up some great new stores for 2009.

I understand many LA people and actresses wear your fragrance as well. 

They do. So do musicians, athletes, and yes, men too. It smells amazing on them. Even Snoop Dog and Roy Jones, Jr. love it.  It’s been in a private launch at Nat Dubois' gift suites, the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys and Cannes, as well as at many music and non-profit events. Patty Van Patten (the godmother of jus d’amour) introduced it to everyone and is our number one client.

What was your favorite fragrance growing up?

Issey Miyyake, Chopard, Bvlgari and a variety of pure oils, including some of the body shop oils.

What is the most amazing fragrance you have ever smelled?

Oh I hope I still await that experience.

Which fragrance do you wish you had created? What fragrance had an influence on you growing up?

Chopard, with the little diamond on the bottom. I’d say the inspiration comes more from the ocean and nature in that moment of discovery.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your fragrance that we have not discussed?

Time and time again women tell me that their men wear it to (Jus d' Amour)
I’d want to invite all men to try it.

Any plans yet for a second fragrance?
January 31, 2010

Where are your fragrances and samples available?

Luckyscent.com. They can also be found under the
Jus d’Amour, brand name; Parfums Mercedes.


How can you give her 10,000 roses, the finest chocolate in the world and perfume all in one bottle this Valentine's day?  Give her Ajne's "Aphrodite" honoring The Goddess of Love, and this year, celebrate him with our new fragrance "Adonis" honoring her lover The God of Desire.

Each flacon of "Aphrodite" contains the petals of 10,000 Bulgarian, Turkish and Moroccan roses blended into a sensuous mélange certain to get the romance and the champagne flowing! Top it off with a bottle of "Adonis" for him which contains rare and precious aphrodisiac oils, such as cacao (more valuable than pure gold) that even Cupid couldn't resist.  

Ajne is America's first truly authentic 100% natural parfumerie and is the destination for couture and pret-a-porter perfumes. Our founder and Master Perfumer Jane Hendler has created perfumes for celebrities including Kate Walsh, Patrick Dempsey, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, America Ferrera, Kanye West and Felicity Huffman.

Ajne does not use any aroma-chemicals and phthalates in our fragrances or body care products, instead choosing organic essential oils, a healthier alternative for both the client and the environment.  The healing organic oils found in Ajne's fragrances come from sustainable crops grown by farmers all over the world and many of them support entire communities.  Because they are organic, some of these rare and precious oils are worth more than pure gold!

Ajne's flagship store is located on fabled Ocean Avenue in Carmel, CA. Our products are also available at our boutique at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, Select Four Seasons Resorts, The Langham Spa in Pasadena, Pennyweight in Napa Valley and online at www.ajne.com

To View Aphrodite

To View Adonis

Sniffapalooza Magazine Interview with
Natural Perfumer Lisa Fong
Artemisia Natural Perfumes

Lisa, can you tell us briefly about yourself?
Most of the Natural Perfumers I know had many different careers before discovering natural perfumery. I never thought I’d be making perfume. I never even liked perfume. I only wanted to play my violin.

Could you please tell us a bit about your background leading up to your career in perfumery?
Music is my passion. I’ve played violin for most of my life. I made the decision play professionally later in my life than most. I studied, practiced and went back to college to do graduate study in music. I played in local orchestras and taught violin. I was getting nearer to my goal of playing professionally when I started to get neck pain. I had spinal stenosis and had two surgeries on my neck. I ended up with chronic neck pain and had to quit violin. It was really hard..

I have always loved working in abstracts. I majored in Mathematics at Mills College and did graduate work in mathematics at U.C. Berkeley. Most people stopped their study of math with algebra or calculus. But beyond that, mathematics becomes so beautiful. I wish more people could experience this side of math. Math and music have given me a strong mental discipline that has helped me in my ability to understand perfume. However, I don’t think music is at all like perfume as many claim. The physical properties of sound are not the same as scent. However as a musician, I have developed an artistic understanding that greatly contributes to my experience of creating fragrances.

There must have been a defining moment that led you to become a perfumer. How did that happen? 
After I stopped playing violin, I felt empty and lost. I had so much free time since I was no longer practicing. I read a lot and came across Mandy Aftel’s Essence and Alchemy . I loved the book and soon after I read it  I saw a flier for her class on Natural Perfumery and signed up. I was not a big fan of perfume. But the natural essences I was discovering overwhelmed me with their beauty. I had not experienced this beauty in the perfumes before. I was fascinated by the idea of blending these exquisite essences to create a perfume.   In the beginning natural perfumery seems simple. By sticking with the basics, one can make a lovely fragrance.  Dig a little deeper with more complicated materials and natural perfumery reveals itself to be a very difficult undertaking. One needs to approach blending every day with greater care and sensitivity. I understand now that natural perfumery is a lifelong learning experience.

Can you tell us what Natural Perfumery means to you?
I believe natural perfumes must be 100% natural and I define natural materials as those created by the DNA in living organisms.  If it was not created by DNA, it does not come from a living source and it has no place in natural perfumery. The special, gentle aspect of natural scent is ruined when synthetics are added. I think of naturals as being like acoustic instruments, which use the resonance of wood or brass to amplify the sound. Synthetics are more like electric instruments which can create a limited kind of music, but it lacks dynamic coloring and musical nuance.

Tell us about your favorites of the fragrances you’ve created. 
My current favorite is a new fragrance, Coffee Flower. It is made from the flowers of the coffee plant . The flower  is a white, star-shaped blossom with an unique essence similar to gardenia. The scent of the flower is rich and exotic, yet not too heavy. I love the contrast between the narcotic essences of coffee flower and jasmine with the dry notes of cedar wood and cardamom. In the perfume, coffee flower is blended with golden cognac, Mysore sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla, Himalayan cedar wood, whole cardamom, and antique clove.

What is the oddest ingredient that you have used in natural perfumery?
I am currently working on a new fragrance called Ondine which contains seaweed absolute. Seaweed is hard to work with, but it is very nice in this blend.

As a perfumer, where do you find your inspiration?
The natural materials I use to create perfume are my inspiration. An essential oil is comprised of many different notes. Some of these notes I enhance by blending with similar or opposite aspects from other essences. I have synesthesia and see colors and textures associated with scents. These images help form my fragrance ideas.

Were you inspired by any one perfumer?
Mandy Aftel is one of the first to write about natural perfume in detail after natural perfumery all but disappeared after synthetics took over. The art of perfumery has maintained a curtain of secrecy, but Mandy’s book Essence and Alchemy made natural perfumery open and accessible to all. Readers learned about natural materials and how to structure these to develop a fragrance. She originated the current trend of natural perfumery. She has vision, an open heart, and makes innovative perfumes.

What was your favorite fragrance growing up?
I used to love Opium back in the day.

Which famous fragrance do you wish you had created?
Maybe Fracas, I love tuberose.

What power do fragrances have power over people, do you think, if any?
Or sense of smell links instantaneously to our brain. It is our most primitive and powerful sense, which we humans do not understand or appreciate. It’s interesting that most people hate having odors imposed upon their personal space. Foul odors anger us and pleasant odors bring peace of mind. Our intense reaction illustrates how important the sense of smell is to us. I believe scent influences us in a way far beyond our awareness.

Why do you think so many women and men are part of this fragrance explosion, especially the niche and natural trend?
I think the public is getting kind of tired of the fragrance industry. Increasingly unwanted fragrances are creeping into every corner of our lives. We want scent to be meaningful, interesting, beautiful, and discrete. As far as I know, there are only about three or four corporations responsible for almost every scent used in consumer products. These giant firms provide perfume for well-known fragrance companies to market. They invest huge amounts of money marketing their products and play it safe with the kinds of scents they introduce. Consequently, there is little room for innovation.  Most of the scent materials are quite inexpensive and the cost of these scent come mostly from advertising. Smaller, more independent perfumers are able to venture in new directions. Natural perfumery is entirely different from other fragrances. There is a grace and elegance in naturals, which most of the public is unfamiliar with. There is a place for natural fragrance in the market. Because of its artisan nature, it can grow and develop freely, unhindered by the singular motivation of profit.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or your perfumes that we have not discussed?
In my fragrances I strive for a unique and interesting scents that will lead the wearer to unexpected places where other perfumes have not gone before. I try to make fragrances that have an unexpected twist by using unusual materials or strange combinations that are still beautiful. But above all, I desire that my fragrances blend into a beautiful, cohesive whole that will give joy to the wearer day in and day out.

Where are your fragrances available for sale at and what is your web site?

Artemisia Natural Perfumes are available at our website www.artemisiaperfume.com.

Actress Alfre Woodard
Supermodel Tatianna Patits

Ginestet: Gets Sweeter With Time
The History, The Fragrance, The Aroma

The History
Ginestet & Co was founded by Fernand Ginestet in 1897. Ginestet is a winery tucked in the beautiful French countryside of Bordeaux. Mr. Ginestet’s entrepreneurial spirit led Ginestet & Co to become a prestigious family of great ‘chateaux’ (house of wine).

Today, the house of Ginestet wines have won numerous awards over the years and their legacy in producing the finest quality of white wine, red wine, rose’ wine and others are symbolic to excellent leadership and adhering to Fernand Ginestet’s vision for this company.

The Fragrance
Great leadership is the forefront of this company’s mission in terms of creating and producing a quality product, but for Ginestet it did not stop with just wine. While having a casual conversation, Mr. Delpeuch (Managing Director of Ginestet Wine Merchants in Bordeaux) and Mr. Gilles Toledano (Perfumer of Florescence Perfume Company in Grasse’) spoke of the passion and love they have for wine and perfume. Both highly skilled in their professions knew that these two components were very similar in nature.

Mr. Delpeuch and Mr. Toledano put their words into action and three major wines were selected and sent to the Bordeaux Oenology facility to have the primary molecules researched to obtain the essence for a perfume.  To stay faithful to Bordeaux wines, the color of the perfume collection had to be just right. For example, Sauvignon Eau de Toilette is named after the Sauvignon grape which is commonly used in white Bordeaux wine and it has a light green tint.  Le Boise’ Eau de Toilette is marketed as a man’s scent and is sold in a tinted bottle.  Botrytis Eau de Toilette is an essence of white flowers. A base for Sauterne wines and it comes in an amber color.

The Aroma
It is very important for the fragrances to have the primary aromas found in Bordeaux wines. Sauvignon is a citrus scent with notes of grapefruit, white peach and a touch of white wine note. Le Boise’ is a less sweet of a fragrance but has a very nice wooded spicy concoction and Botrytis is the sweetest of the others with honey, candied fruits, quince and white flowers which is found in the Sauternes region.

The Conversation
Once my curiosity was peaked, I had to find out how such an incredible perfume collection was received by wine lovers of Ginestet who come far and near to purchase any of their variety of Bordeaux wines. I was lucky enough to chat with Laurent Dupin (Manager of the Perfume Market and Public Relations for the house of Ginestet) to give me a glimpse of its success with the perfume collection.

FH:  Your fragrances are so exquisite and I can actually smell the aroma of the Bordeaux wine in it. Will you open a Ginestet perfume shops in Europe and in the US?
No.  Our first activity is the wine business. Fragrances are just to show how wine and perfumes are so close.

FH: How has the perfume SOLD since the collection was launched?

The collection was launched in 2001. The distribution has been made for the USA market at first with a sole representative. Right now, we are working directly with the internet.

FH Are these fragrances available at any store(s) in the US?

These fragrances are available in three stores in the US. Luckyscent, Beauty Habit and a wine bar in NYC.

FH: Le Boise’ is described as a fragrance for men. Could it be categorized as a “unisex” fragrance due to the spicy and vanilla notes in it?

Yes, at first this fragrance was created for men. But now fragrances are unisex and many women love and wear it.

FH: When customers come to purchase wine do you mention the fact that you sell perfume?
If so, what is their reaction?

When people come to visit us (we have a visit tour at the company). They are surprised to discover that we have created our own fragrances and when we explain the reason why we have done this, they find the idea very interesting.

FH: Will you be creating more fragrances in the near future with the Florescence perfume company?

We do not have the idea to create new fragrances. The ones we have already are representatives of Bordeaux wines. It’s not going to change.

So whether you are a wine lover or a perfume lover or both, Ginestet can provide memorable moments with their prestigious and quality products to give as a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day which is just around the corner or for the gentleman who is just about to pop the question.

In the meanwhile raise your glass and make a toast of good cheer or how the people in France would say, etre de bonne humeur (according to my English-French dictionary).

Ginestet website



Celebrating 30 fashionably cultured years, Ron Robinson is
launching a new precious work of art, Pearl Eau De Parfum by
Apothia Los Angeles. A modern classic has been developed;
Pearl blooms on the skin, lingering quietly and beautifully,
expressing quality and paying homage to those who wear it.

Pearl Eau De Parfum begins with shimmering shiso leaf and
plum blossom which wrap around delicate white peony and
Japanese honeysuckle. Pearl has a sensual heart composed of
warm golden amber with touches of ivory musk and earthy orris.

Inspired by the pearl, the iconic symbol of a 30-year anniversary,
Ron Robinson, founder of Apothia Los Angeles, created a fragrance that embodies a timeless
elegance with a modern twist. Like the customers that embrace his boutique and the versatile
strand of pearls, the fragrance is understated, yet powerful; classy, yet trendy and always
perfectly polished. It works equally well worn with jeans and a tee or that sexy black dress.

Every aspect of Pearl is precious—from the hand-selected premium oils to the sleek elegant packaging. Produced with only the highest quality world-class ingredients, all Apothia fragrances are meant to take the user on a journey of the senses and never to duplicate others.

Ron Robinson, industry pioneer and founder of the Apothia boutique at Fred Segal Melrose, took inspiration for the entire Apothia collection of fine fragrances and interior scents from the vibe of the city that has been a vital part of his life for years. An internationally recognized city, Los Angeles is renowned for its fashion, progressive culture and energy. A blend of innovative design and world-class ingredients with unparalleled craftsmanship—Apothia is beautiful on the inside and out.

Apothia Pearl Eau De Parfum will be available at Apothia at Fred Segal Melrose (www.ronrobinson.com) as well as at fine stores and specialty boutiques nationwide.

Crazylibellule and the Poppies Introduces
L’eau de Crazy Cologne

I write stories, a different story for each of our perfumes,
around a memory, a recollection reassembled. It’s
something magical whispered between friends, passed
down from mother to daughter.

I live and breathe perfume. It’s who I am, where I was born.”
- Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud, Founder

February 1, 2009

In this issue we feature a Sniffapalooza Magazine Exclusive: A Dozen Roses Unlike Any Others  that feautures Perfumers, Retailers and “Friends- in- Fragrance” as they tell us the about the most intriguing 'rose in their garden'. Featured guests are: Linda Pilkerton, Adam Eastwood, Christopher Chong, Alexandra Balahoutis, Ben Gorham, Dawn Spenser Hurwitz, Ron Robinson, Nobi Shioya, Gérald Ghislain and Neil Morris. We feature an interview with Symine Salimpour, Founder and Owner of Hors Là Monde as she also introduces Lady Shiloh, Real Men Wear… Perles by Michael Davis and Sniffapalooza Magazine interviews Mercedes Ganon of Parfums Mercedes Jus D’ Amour. We feature Crazylibellule and the Poppies L’eau de Crazy Cologne, Diptyque opens a new boutique in New York City with exclusive Diptyque Roses Candle and you can Take an Olfactive Journey with Sue Phillips of Scenterprises/Perfume Studio.

We offer to our readers Ginestet: Gets Sweeter With Time; The History, The Fragrance, The Aroma, Love Notes, Kingsbury Fragrances Twilight Rose review By Raphaella Barkley, Ron Robinson introduces Pearl Eau De Parfum by Apothia Los Angeles and  Ajne offers us Aphrodite honoring The Goddess of Love and for the men; Adonis. 

An Ideal World:
Sniffapalooza Magazine’s s Exclusive Interview with
Symine Salimpour, Founder and Owner of Hors Là Monde
Introducing Lady Shiloh

MC: Welcome Symine. What was the inspiration for starting your company
Hors Là Monde? What were you involved in before fragrance?

SS: Hors Là Monde is a fantasy world where people can share their differences
and live together in peace. I was first involved in Human Rights in Nice,
my hometown and Paris my second home.  I went to Paris law school and learn
how to defend ideas but after graduating instead of running to a law firm,
I decided to travel and learn from otherplaces what you can never find in books,
people's souls.

As I was traveling, I had the strong feeling that the best way to bring people
together, to build bridges among us, was to promote Beauty through Art.
Here was born the Idea of Hors Là Monde…

MC: Before we talk about your fragrances, I think its fascinating you named
your company Hors ‘Là’ Monde instead of the traditional Hors 'Le' Monde.
To our non French speaking reader this may seem like a very small detail,
but it changes the entire meaning of the brand. Please explain this subtle but
very interesting difference

SS: Thank you very much for asking me this question Michelyn!
Actually, most people, French included, believe that the name of the brand I built around a grammar mistake since the word “World”, le Monde in French, is masculine and therefore should come after a masculine determinant, such as “le”. The “Là”, with the accent on the “à” from Hors Là Monde is another way of saying “here” in French. “Hors” means Out of… and “Monde” means the World. Hors Là Monde means, “Anywhere out of here, the World”. Hors le Monde would means “out of this world”.

The inspiration came from this French Castle in Nice that use to belong to Belgium poet, Maeterlinck. He gave the castle the name of “Orlamonde”. The name touched my heart. The view from that place perfectly matched the name and it became obvious to me that my ideal world should be called Hors Là Monde. The beauty was that intense that it did not matter where it was located; most people would agree to say that it was a magnificent and peaceful place.

Here was born Hors Là Monde…


MC: The compass logo for Hors Là Monde is so compelling. What do you believe it communicates about the brand? What does it mean to you personally?

SS: The name of my brand is quite difficult to pronounce and understand. I believed that the compass was an easy way to resume it and that would speak straight to the heart. When people ask me about the meaning of the compass, I usually ask them what it means to them…For me, it’s the guide of your heart.It should help you to go where your heart is taking you because I believe that
it’s the only road to go to.

MC: Your first fragrance, Shiloh, burst on the niche scene in 2007 (le nez is the great Michel Roudnitska) was and still is a favorite among our readers. In fact, Shiloh was a recipient of a Beauty News/Sniffapalooza award for ‘best gift' in 2007, (how fitting that one of the many Hebrew translations of Shiloh is 'his gift'). Please tell us why you chose that name and a bit about the 'creative brief' for the fragrance and how it was interpreted olfactively.

SS: SHILOH means “gift for him “in the Bible and happens to be also the name of someone that shared my life for a while. Life separated us but still this is my present to him.  I met with Michel and told him about myself, my life and my beliefs and that I wanted to create a fragrance that would bring the elegance of France and warmth of the Middle East, the best of each place to my opinion.

Michel suggested a woody scent, with citrus, Fresh greens, and rose from Esphaan, where my father was born. I just added the patchouli note and the miracle was born!

MC: When you were preparing for Shiloh's launch, did you know it would become somewhat of a cult fragrance?

SS: SHILOH was launched before being on the market;) People first heard about it because a confusing situation that mixed my perfume
with the child of a famous American actress.  People were expecting SHILOH and the response to it was amazing;
The fragrance was thought carefully and made with so much passion that I did not doubt that it would touch people’s hearts.

MC: Last month you introduced Lady Shiloh. Whereas Shiloh is evocative of the Middle East (oakmoss, sandalwood, patchouli)
with its exotic wood and incense notes, Lady Shiloh smells like a 'different place. Please share with us its inspiration and its story

SS: LADY SHILOH was created around the idea of the illusion of time. That idea is not that new, we owe it to Albert Einstein…

But who did not dream of stopping the time for a moment one day in his life?   I felt this way many times and I guess that creating LADY SHILOH helped me to give to past important moments the intensity of the present time.

Looking for the formula that would stop time and put into a bottle….. Here was the dream behind
LADY SHILOH. LADY SHILOH is an invitation to Love as if there was no tomorrow, as if would be forever.

I thought that it would be a good combination to turn a moment into eternity.

A  Dozen Roses Unlike Any Others

Many of our Sniffapalooza Magazine readers adore rose fragrances.
That’s why the magazine devotes an entire section for you…
Whether a classic full blown rose perfume such as Paris by YSL,
a dark spicy rose fragrances such as Paestem Rose by Eau d’Italie
or a light citrus rose fragrance such as CREED’s Bulgare de Thé Rose;
everyone has a beloved.

But there are a dozen hidden gems in the olfactive rose garden,
as we learned from some of our favorite Perfumers, Retailers
and “Friends- in- Fragrance”, who invited us to partake of the most
intriguing  rose in their ‘garden’.. a dozen roses like no other.

With actress Bevery D'Angelo
Billy Bush and Mercedes share a hug
The Story :

26 June, île d’Yeu: The house at the edge of the Firs.  To the background of Bach's English Suites the ocean calls, gently pulled by a thread of light.  Nothing disturbs the silence, except the olfactive recklessness of
fruit and leaves combined. Surprised, bewildered and moved to be in contact with the skin.

A Cologne folly!  Culture Parfum :  Notes of orange, plum, bush peach flesh and rose of May. A scented study of a fruity hesperidic  fragrance.

Coming  soon: 26 de juin Cologne is $59.00 at www.beautyhabit.com
Twilight Rose Review
Kingsbury Fragrances
Perfumer: Dorothy McCall

By Raphaella Barkley

With so many rose fragrances on the market, sometimes it is hard to separate uninspiring scents from beautiful perfumes. Kingsbury Fragrances Twilight Rose is right up there with the "Big Guys" of other rose fragrances on the market.  While other roses can take on a sweet note after an hour, I have found myself putting those back on my shelf; that sweet quality just does not appeal to me anymore. But some like it sweet...

I like my rose fragrances deep and mysterious.  They must sing to me of ancient lore and sensuality - a long lasting mist that envelopes me in a secret aura.  Twilight Rose is a rose fragrance that transports me to a magical place. I can smell the fresh greenery that surrounds her roses, as if they are still rooted in the ground, with the stems then succulently plucked off at dusk for a vase by my bed.
Let us not forget that the history of the rose represents many things, dating back hundreds of years.  The rose represents healing and the heart.  In reaching the higher ranks of perfumery, Kingsbury Fragrances’ Twilight Rose has the honor in my collection of sitting right next to my beloved CREED Bulgare de Thé Rose, CREED Fleurs de Bulgarie, Guerlain's Rose Barbare, Amouage Lyric Woman, Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose, Yosh's botanical Winter Rose, the new natural Rosa by Roxana Illuminated Perfume, the Rossy De Palma, Yves Rocher Rose Absolute, the spicy rose of Lorenzo Villoresi's Alamut, the rich Robert Piguet's Baghari, Teo Cabanal's stunning Oha, Caron's Parfum Sacré, Bond No. 9 Chinatown, Montale Oud Queen Roses and Keiko Mecheri's Mogador.  The rose list is very long in my house.  

Kingsbury Fragrance's Dorothy McCall has created a voluptuous fresh green soliflore that slips into the sacred place where day surrenders unto night where you truly experience the mysterious floral freshness of “Rose in Twilight". This special handmade fragrance is a composition of Rose Otto from Turkey, Tea Rose bouquet with touches of Citrus, Clary Sage, Narcissus, Green Leaves, Vetiver, Musks and Civet. The sillage is like a garden of roses in the coolness of the Twilight hour.  Twilight Rose is aged in organic Grape Alcohol fixed with less than 001% of Benzoin.  Available in parfum, cream, soap and candles. Her candle fills the room with it's luscious scent.

I have found that a few of my "high end" fragrances from France have turned sour after only two years. Kingsbury Fragrances Twilight Rose smells just as fresh today as when I received it. Longevity of fragrances certainly does matter in this economy today. Samples and other products available at Kingsbury Fragrance's.

"March Rose" by Manuela-Pfannes of Germany

Mercedes Ganon

Linda Pilkerton
Perfumer and Owner, Ormonde Jayne

Ta'if is a rose like no other rose, because it grows 5000 feet above sea level in Saudi Arabia and is unique to the town named Tai'f.

This rose has all the richness of a rose with a citrus top note making it quite different from any rose in the world. Ormonde Jayne Ta'if Eau de Parfum has been created with the natural harmony from this extraordinary terrain in mind,  blended with orange blossom and date oil.  Ta'if EDP to this day is still our number one best seller at Ormonde Jayne.


Adam Eastwood
Co Founder of Luckyscent.com and The Scent Bar

A rose like no other?  "Le Pot Aux Roses" by Stephanie de Saint Aignan is without question one of my favorite rose fragrances, not merely for it’s fascinatingly gourmand characteristics, but also for the cheeky story behind it genesis. I love the deliciously creamy essence of rice powder gently mixing with complex musk’s, giving it a gourmand quality that never fails to stimulate my hunger for a snow white panna cotta. In fact I would argue that there is little rose in Pot Aux Roses, and yet somehow the properties of rose are transmitted. The decidedly feminine rice powder adds to the mysterious quality surrounding the fragrance which is based on the French saying "Découvrir le Pot aux Roses" which means to discover the trick, or realize the illusion. The pot aux roses was and old technique used by Parisian courtesans to convince clients that they were experiencing pleasure when they most assuredly were not. The mistresses would keep a pot of rose powder within grasp. During the romantic interlude she would gently pat her cheeks with the powder, giving the impression she was flushed and aroused. So, in a sense, the concept behind "Le Pot aux Roses" is in fact a trick, or an artifice to convey something which may not really be there. Rose without much rose; a deliciously mysterious illusion with a profoundly stimulating conclusion.


Christopher Chong
Creative Director, Amouage

Whilst working on the Lyric for Women story, I've been inspired by the unconventional beauty of Maria Callas's voice.  It's the emotional quality of her voice that I try to emulate in this fragrance.  Beyond the lyrical beauty of the voice is a sheer dramatic sound.  I try to capture the overall spectrum of Callas's voice from innocence to dramatic tragedy.  Most important of all, it's vital to maintain the poetic beauty in the fragrance whilst developing an accord that evolves with drama and power.  This is achieved by positioning rose with angelica.


Alexandra Balahoutis
Founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes

When I created Aquarian Rose, I imagined a wild rose still connected to its roots and to the soil. Forget about roses in vases. These roses are celebrated in their wild, uninhibited state, not placed and pruned in the gardens of ladies sipping tea.


Ben Gorham
Founder and Owner of Byredo Perfumes

The idea for Rose Noir was to take something very traditional in perfumery and the challenge was to make it both modern and unique without losing the character of a Damascus rose. I wanted to add an animalic note to make it a black rose. I like to think of it as a dirty rose.


Dawn Spenser Hurwitz
Perfumer and President at Parfums des Beaux Arts, LLC

I named my ‘rose like no other’ Dirty Rose. This rose blooms for men. Although it is a rose based perfume the rose note does not dominate; it is interwoven throughout the fragrance, emerging and growing as it dries down.  There is balance between the wood and smoky resin notes and the red (Gallica) rose.  It is the image of a single rose that has been a bit manhandled; bruised and dragged through the mud which gives it its rugged beauty.


Ron Robinson
President of Ron Robinson Inc., Apothia Los Angeles & Fred Segal Melrose

Antonia’s Flowers Tiempe Passant is my choice if I had to only pick one. The freshness of the salty ocean air and bright top reveal the woody undertones.  One of my favorite modern perfumers.


Nobi Shioya
Founder of S-Perfumes

100% Love is not just about petals, there are thorns. When a great artist creates something amazing, it comes with some degree of "shock value" that makes many people uncomfortable. I believe this is what made the nose for 100% love, Sophia Grojsman one of the greatest perfumers of all time. If I compare this fragrance to cars, 100% Love is a little bit like Ferrari F40 or 288 GTO in a way...these cars show who the experts in driving are and who really deserves them. The fragrance is about love but it tells you not only the romantic side of it but also the tough side, too.

www.shapingroom.com and at Barney’s NY

Teresa Mitchell
Founder of Beauty Habit and beautyhabit.com

For me, Mémoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery - No. 105 Mystére du Maroc Parfum is the rose like no other. It has a luscious quality to it that keeps it exotically mysterious but alluringly sweet and smooth


Gérald Ghislain
Founder of Histoires de Parfums

There is not one rose but many roses: but the one I wanted for 1876 is not the fragile and juvenile rose that is often found  in classic perfumery, but the bewitched, spicy one, like the fascinating Mata Hari, whose date of birth named this fragrance.

I chose for 1876 the rose of Moldave, woodier, quite somber; I accentuated these notes with vetiver, cumin and sandalwood, and use sweet notes like bergamot,  lichee and cinnamon to reveal  this rose’s  sensuality and transform it into a new rose, a  real Oriental flower.

www.histoiresdeparfums.com and Takashimaya NY

Neil Morris
Perfumer and Founder of Neil Morris Fragrances

Rose of Kali is an unusual Rose scent in that it contains three different Rose Notes - Indian Rose, Turkish Rose and White Rose. In order to enhance the Rose and make it truly an exotic perfume that conjures the Indian Goddess Kali, I decided to combine Base Notes of Benzoin, Incense, Myrrh, Golden Musk, Agar Wood, Patchouli and Myrtle Wood with a translucent Pear Top Note, giving the fragrance a warm, spicy yet shimmering quality.


Karen Dubin
Founder & Director of Sniffapalooza
Incense Rose by Tauer Perfumes

Incense Rose is a rose unlike any other because it is so beautifully composed, dimensional, and image-provoking, that I am inspired to create a brand new category to classify it. I call it an 'interactive fragrance' because it is one of the rare scents I have experienced that stirs all five senses of the wearer.

The smell I inhale is a dizzying dance of contrasting dark and light - smoky frankincense, incense, vetiver, labdanum, cedar, myrrh, patchouli, and balsamic resins playing against a field of sweet Bugarian rose, bergamot, clementine, orris, and cardamon.

The taste on my tongue is rose petals brushed with stinging, crystallized ginger - painful, but so addicting that I cannot stop. 
The touch to my fingers is that of heavy, deep velvet draped across a church alter redolent with the incense of a thousand ceremonies.

The color I see is the startling dark red of blood from a fresh wound.  The sound I hear is dry, rustling leaves igniting into crackling, spontaneous flame.

www.luckyscent.com and www.first-in-fragrance.com and Aedes

Collaborating with great perfumers from Grasse, we looked for the fragrance that would be the incarnation
of that strong desire .The magical mix was made of Bergamot and Tangerine for the light, a hint of Indian jasmine
and powdery violet for the softness, a touch of Patchouli oil, white musk and vetiver to remember always...

MC: Which of our senses inspires your creativity the most?

SS: The 6th of course!

MC: What is on the fragrance horizon for Hors La Monde for 2009? Are you working on any new
fragrances or bath and body products for Shiloh and/or Lady Shiloh?

SS: I’m already working on my third fragrance but I can’t say too much about it. Once you know that it took over
15 tries to get to LADY SHILOH…I'm thinking about developing candles as well since I’m a candle addict myself!
MC: When I first saw it on your website, I immediately gravitated to the Hors Là Monde pendant and
its bold and symbolic design. Will your iconic jewelry be available at boutiques as well?
Are you planning any more line extensions?

SS: That’s very nice. Thank you very much Michelyn! The jewelry line designed around the compass is called
“JUST BELONG”. It still sells only in France but it will be soon available in the USA.

MC: In closing, what is a 'secret' passion of yours that doesn't involve your work?

SS: My work is all about my passions. Without the Love for my family, my friends, my dogs and cat, there
would probably not be a place such as Hors Là Monde.  I guess my passion is called Life.

Lady Shiloh is available at www.luckyscent.com, Aedes and at Henri Bendel N Y

Diptyque opens new boutique in New York City

Diptyque takes classic, creative, and festive to a new level by opening their first New York retail location at 377 Bleecker Street (btw Perry & Charles Streets)

Collaborating with interior designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, the space takes its inspiration from an oversized Edwardian mural depicting a high tea complete with court pierrots.  The design mirrors aspects of the painting through modern translations such as white feather and crystal chandeliers, black Astroturf carpet, Lucite furniture, flat screen TV’s featuring burning Diptyque candles, and sleek black and white displays.


The store is inspired by a painting by Francesco Beda (1840-1900), and Italian painter who painted in the French Rococo decorative style of the 18th century. All of his highly decorative paintings depict scenes in the same room. This particular scene is a tea party with Poirot entertainers. We wanted to welcome guests to Diptyque with a “Tea Party”. By designing the rest of the store in the brand’s signature black and white, we created a set for human interaction, Yves Couleslant, one of the original three founders of Diptyque was a set designer, so we found it appropriate to use a “theater backdrop” to display the fragrance collection over a “banquet table”.

By limiting the color palette to black and white we could pay homage to quintessential New York artists such as Louise Nevelson (black on black table and floor) and Donald Judd (white shelves on black wall; white furniture over black floor and walls).

We were limited by not being able to burn candles therefore we used the whimsical quality of having candles burning on flat screen TV's. The center 16’ long banquet table displays the rooms scents pretty as the mural displays tea over a tea table.

Benjamin Noriega Ortiz designed a pair modern chandeliers to not only make reference to the antique chandelier in the painting but also to taxidermy birds, which Diptyque used to sell in the original store in the 1960’s. The chandeliers by BNO's company, ABYU Lighting, are covered in white turkey feathers with Austrian crystals hanging from a diffuser. They provide a gentle glow to the store making it feel romantic.

The collection of custom designed acrylic furniture as well as original furniture from the late 1960’s
and early 1970’s play with the black and white graphic selected for the holiday by Diptyque to
house their featured fragrances. By placing a “book table”, a tea table and two chairs by the
window, we bring a residential quality to the store that makes feel right at home. The entire store
has been designed as a window display and the guests are the actors in front of our backdrop.
Hours of Operation:
Monday – Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday – Saturday:   11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday:  11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

377 Bleecker Street (between Charles & Perry Streets)
Store Contact Information:  
Phone:  (212) 242-2333
Fax:     (212) 242-3533
Coming up Roses
Diptyque Roses Candle

The most romantic of all the Diptyque candles plays up the vintage touch with a rosebud motif. Inspired by Liberty fabrics, the design pays tribute to the Diptyque founders who originally created textiles for this historic London department store.

Nestled in a very British-style box, the elegant candle blushes with pleasure: from the glass to the wax, it shows its true colors! Tender rose, audacious rose, girly rose… anything goes!

It breaks away from traditional codes, but remains true to its essence: a mixture of antique rose petals, and aromatic geranium leaves. A subtle, nuanced blend that celebrates the quintessential flower…

Retail $69

Available at the NEW Diptyque Boutique NYC
377 Bleecker Street (between Charles & Perry Streets)

Phone:  (212) 242-2333

The Pink Roses Candle is available at both Diptyque stores as well as retailers such as Aedes, Barneys, Beauty Habit, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and Ron Robinson's Apothia

Sue Phillips

Sue Phillips was born in South Africa and came
to America to pursue a singing and acting career.
After being told that there were approximately 2
million (out of work) singers and actors (!)
Sue followed her next love – the Beauty Industry.
Her distinguished career in the Cosmetic and
Fragrance Industry includes senior executive
positions at Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme and Tiffany
& Company. 

As Vice President of Fragrance at Tiffany's,
she introduced and successfully launched
TIFFANY perfume for their 150th anniversary
in the USA and Worldwide.

Sue has been responsible for re-branding and
re-imaging companies and has developed strategic licensing opportunities for major
apparel companies seeking to enter the personal care market.  She has created innovative fragrance board games, which were introduced to help launch a major women’s fragrance.

For five years Sue held the position as Adjunct Professor Cosmetic & Fragrance
Marketing at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) training a new generation of fragrance marketers.

In 1992, Sue formed Scenterprises Ltd, a global fragrance consultancy focused on: product development, marketing, sales and strategic brand development. Scenterprices Ltd, has successfully implemented initiatives for Avon, Bath & Body Works, Chanel, Lancaster, Oilily and Trish McEvoy.

Today Sue is involved in the area of Environmental Scenting for top hotels, spas, resorts and casinos. She is working to scent-brand selected properties with their own proprietary fragrance.  Recognizing the potential of Environmental Scenting and Scent Branding, Sue is at the forefront of this burgeoning new industry.

Sue has collaborated with the founder of  The Perfume Studio from the UK, Robin Taylor, for many years and her company, Scenterprises Ltd., was recently named the US Distributor of The Perfume Studio from the UK. They present unique Custom Perfume seminars for all occasions: Bridal Showers; Valentine’s Day events, Mother’s Day parties, Couples events, Ladies’ Night Perfume Parties; Corporate Events, Team Building, Motivational and Leadership Seminars as well as Holiday Parties. The seminars or workshops are interactive, creative, educational and so much fun. Communication barriers slip away as guests enjoy the discussion of perfume ingredients and delight in the exploration of their Olfactory Sense!

Sue is available for Consultation Assignments in the areas of Marketing, Branding, Product Development, Strategic Initiatives and Guest Speaking on How to Create a Brand, or Market a Product.

Contact Information: scenterprise@aol.com
Enjoy and Marvel at the most Glorious Fragrance Experience ......Take an Olfactive Journey
with Sue Phillips of Scenterprises/Perfume Studio

Most of the events highlight the upcoming Valentine's Day Holiday, because year after year  Valentine's Day proves to be one of the least imaginative events on the calendar. Most times, Valentine's Day is a last-minute rush to find a dozen roses or buy a box of (unwanted) candy! Not so this year!  At our Multi-Sensory offerings we present Custom Perfume Events which are creative, interactive, entertaining and so much fun.  Its a way of exploring our most forgotten sense - the Sense of Smell - and a way of custom creating our own self-expression.
So there are two stories here....one is to highlight Valentine's Day by listing the upcoming events and the 'experience' of a Celebration of the Senses;  and also the bigger story is the story about BESPOKE perfumery.

Traditionally bespoke products are very costly and take many months to produce. But we offer a bespoke perfume initiative that is luxurious, affordable and very timely. 'Bespoke Products' are not just for tailoring any more! The 'bespoke' category is becoming more and more popular in this economic climate, as consumers want to have more control and ‘design-input’ over the products they purchase.

In this economy the high priced items are suffering, but if consumers are going to purchase a 'luxury' item, they prefer it to be something that is custom. Just as Brides want to express their individual choices to reflect their individual tastes and celebrate their own uniqueness, “Bespoke Perfumery” is also on the rise.  Fragrance offers a unique way to express individual choices and reflect individual tastes.

In addition, particularly with our Custom Perfume seminars there is a great feeling of 'creative accomplishment' as consumers pay for the 'experience' to take an olfactory journey  and evaluate all 18 exquisite blends, and they choose the 3 or 4 blends that they love which will become their Signature 'formula'.  There is an 'artisinal' quality about wearing a perfume that they have created, and which is purely their own rather than something off the counter that everyone else can wear.

Forthcoming Custom Perfume Events will be held on the
following dates and locations:
Discover exquisite Perfume Blends, Explore the finest fragrance ingredients, determine your personal preferences and Create your Signature Fragrance

Enjoy Wonderful Fare, Libation & Refreshments

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Philadelphia, PA            
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Event by Pileggi Boutique         
Hosted by Andrea Chila
715 Walnut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 922-3526

Fee: $75.00 per person

Saturday, February 14, 2009
New York City!                  
Extraordinary Valentine's Day "Love in the Afternoon"
Owned by Chef Tom Keller
Ten Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
(212) 823-9349

Our standard range of ‘I-Pod’ Designer Color 20ml Purse Sprays
Red, Aqua, Teal and Pink - stunning containers for guests to take home their custom Perfume.   Suggested Retail Price $85.00 (Aqua, Pink, Red and Green)  Refill Bottles (30ml) $60.00 – not shown

For elegant occasions the 20ml Black, Silver and Gold Purse Sprays accented with stunning Swarovski Diamanté top are perfect for those that enjoy sophistication and Bling!
Suggested Retail Price $95 (Gold, Silver and Black with Diamante Accent) Refill Bottles (30ml) - $ 60.00  - not shown

Fee: $385.00 per couple includes:
Per Se Restaurant will present a special Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea with a spectacular assortment of mignardises (bite-size desserts) chocolates, seasonal fruit tartlets, vanilla white chocolate-raspberry "dôme", chocolate bouchons, butterscotch caramels and nougats, assorted coffees, teas, specialty coffee drinks,  champagne, sparkling and still waters, freshly squeezed fruit juices and a rose macaroon & custom parting gift for each guest.  

Price of $385.00 per couple includes Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea at Per Se Restaurant plus Perfume Studio workshop, Guided Seminar by a renowned Fragrance Expert, Evaluation of Exquisite Perfume Blends and the creation of a Signature Fragrance for two.  To reserve, contact Scenterprises at 917-449-1134. For more information, visit www.scenterprises.com

FOR ALL OTHER EVENTS: For easy payment options for all events except Valentine's Day Event, please log onto: www.scenterprises.com. Go to the SERVICES page, and click on:  CLICK HERE TO BUY. CUSTOM PERFUME PURSE SPRAY $85.00
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT SUE PHILLIPS - 917-449-1134 OR EMAIL: scenterprise@aol.com

Love Notes

Whether handwritten and hidden safely in a special box, or encrypted emails, nothing stirs the heart like love notes.  From your man (or from another’s…well, it happens), love notes remind us that words can mean as much as actions.  This Valentine’s Day, we selected scents whose very names include---the most powerful word we know and …LOVE!

His notes are spontaneous and unexpected:  I Love Love!  for Women By Moschino is for the woman in love with a man who adores life. An exuberant blend of bright, sparkling citrus top notes colored by feminine flowers and soothing cinnamon leaves, musk, and rich woods, it seduces the senses with a soft, breezy sensation like no other. Available at www.ulta.com
His notes are layered with hidden meanings: Philosophy’s Falling In Love Three Piece Layering Set is a deceivingly demure floral fragrance that intensifies with layering. This soft blend of vanilla, soft florals and ripe berries goes on sweet and dries down sexy. Available at www.philosphy.com

His notes are shy and innocent: With Love…Hilary Duff Fragrance Roller Ball and Lip Gloss Duo is an expression of puppy love! Exotic fruits add a sparkle to this surprisingly delightful effervescent, oriental fragrance. The peachy pink lip gloss perfects your pucker for that first kiss.  Limited Edition. Available at www.sephora.com

His notes are postmarked from all over the world: Love in Black, from CREED, was recently introduced to honor Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Love in Black symbolizes the brilliant sensation of her life traveling the globe, using ingredients from exotic lands: Night-blooming wildflowers from the Greek isles, Violet from Italy, Iris from Florence, Blackcurrant from Bourgogne in her beloved France. One problem with your traveling man, letters are about all you get regularly. Available at www.bergdorfgoodman.com

He doesn’t write notes, too risky; your love notes are text messages and encrypted emails: No judgments from us, but its Beyond Love by Kilian, which speaks of carnal and clandestine encounters. Slightly minty and cool at its beginning, the scent heats up to an uninhibited and heady floral in a matter of minutes.  Here, classic tuberose meets subtle traces of dirty musk… just double bolt the door.

Available at www.aedes.com and www.ronrobinson.com

His notes quote Byron and Browning: Your man’s notes are sheer poetry and your romantic fragrance is Beautiful Love by Estee Lauder. Lush magnolia blossom, rich white jasmine, mango mist, heliotrope and vetiver all captured within an elegantly sculpted Grecian Urn, I mean, bottle. Available at www.nordstroms.com

He doesn’t write notes, but who cares: Rare Love Candle and Body Balm by BURN (Robin Coe–Hutshing of Memoire Liquide fame) is Love potion # 9 in our Love Notes selections. These fragranced products smell good enough to eat and include notes of bitter Mayan cacao abslolut, aromatic Ceylon cinnamon bark and Madagascar vanilla bean.

BURN Rare Love Balm, is a sensuous all over ultra emollient body balm enriched with pure cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. To be applied daily, and nightly--- with reckless abandon. The BURN Rare Love Candle may not last 9 ½ weeks but it will last for 150 hours (approximately six days) of pleasurable love. Available at www.beautyhabit.com

Patrick Dempsey
Mercedes Ganon
Symine Salimpour
December 15, 2008

In this issue we feature "Fragrance for the Designated Driver: ‘Spritzers’ That Leave Us Giddy", we welcome a new guest contributor, Elena Vosnaki features a in-depth article "Jean Claude Ellena Is All About The Dirt!", "A Holiday Treat, an interview with the incomparable Monsieur Olivier Creed, "A Tale of Two Cities: Isfarkand by Ormonde Jayne" By Michael W. Davis and we feature the continuing series UNDER THE RADAR: Red Flower; An Exclusive Sniffapalooza Magazine Interview With Founder and Owner,
Yael Alkalay.

We continue this issue with Voluspa Floraison Collection: The Fragrances of Luxurious and Faraway Places, a new Bond No. 9 release called  Boca, Sniffapalooza Magazine is honored to interview the well-known Dominique Dubrana; Composer Perfumer of the Italian company La Via del Profumo, we offer a very warm welcome to John E. Smith, an author and herbalist with his article "Attars -Fragrances Of The Soul" and Bergdorf Blends Ajne for Blokes and finally, we end with my favorite "Christmas Present Fragrant Picks".  We close out this issue with some photographs from the Sniffapalooza Holiday Fete last weekend in New York City with Michael Edwards and watch for our exclusive interview coming soon!

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Jean Claude Ellena
Monsieur Olivier Creed
November 9, 2008

In this issue we feature the finale of the spectacular must read series titled Burning Down the House: The Influencers Speak - Uncut, Unplugged and Unedited. Part Five features Christopher Brosius of CB.I Hate Perfume, Linda Pilkington of Ormonde Jayne Fragrances, Christophe Laudamiel and Christophe Hornetz ‘Les Christophes’, Nobi Shioyo of S Perfumes, Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner; Co-Owners of Aedes de Venustas Boutique, Alessandro Gualtieri of Nasomatto, Marie-Helene Rogeon ‘La Reine de le Rose’ of Les Parfums de Rosine Fragrances. The House continues to sizzle in this issue. We offer a warm welcome to Nathan Branch with his new article How Men Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Unisex Fragrance or "Gee, You Smell Terrific!"introduces us to a new release from CREED - ‘LES FLORALIES’ which debuts in December, new series debuts with Under the Radar: Cereus Pour Homme and Pour Femme and features an Exclusive Interview with Bill Rosenbaum, President, CB I Hate Perfume: Burning Leaves Autumnal Magic by Michael W. Davis, Pacifica Holiday Gifts Holiday 2008 Guide, The “New” Luxury: Home Fragrance Part One- BURN Candles, Saint Parfum Authentic Parfumeur and Amourelle Paris and NEC-scent-SARY Luxuries , we introduce MUSIsCent, the first perfumed Album from musician Laurent Assoulen.

Sniffapalooza Magazine also Interviews Kedra Hart of Opus Oils, a fascinating look into her life and fragrances.  We share with you an upcoming event in New York City featuring Chandler Burr from the New York Times and we are extremely proud to debut a new fragrance from Parfums Mercedes exclusive at Lucky Scent. Cathy Gins of Aromawear shares holiday information and a great idea for perfumistas and Juvy Santos enchants us with her "Sniffapalooza-thon" of the Fall Ball. We finish this issue with a link to many wonderful photographs from the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball from photographer and friend Michael Friedlander.
If you missed the huge Sniffapalooza Magazine FALL BALL NEW YORK CITY issue, full of exclusive photographs, reviews, article and interviews; you can view it in it's entirety.  Please note that we have gone to a new format/layout for your viewing pleasure so please click on each section to view full page and each article. 

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Marie-Helene Rogeon
October 18, 2008

Sniffapalooza Fall Ball New York City

In this huge and special issue we continue to feature the spectacular must-see series titled Burning Down the House : The Influencers Speak - Uncut, Unplugged and Unedited with The ‘Power’ Influencers of Niche---men and women whose names are the ‘Mount Rushmore’ of the revolution. Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Thierry Wasser, Bertrand Duchaufour, Laurice Rahmé, Neil Morris, talk to Sniffapalooza Magazine.  The House sizzles in this issue. 

We feature an interview with Perfumer Aurélien Guichard of GIVAUDAN, Sniffapalooza Magazine exclusive interview with Dr. Avery Gilbert; Olfaction expert and Scientist, interview with Kilian Hennessy of By Kilian, Interview with Jessica Dunne of Ellie and Ellie Nuit by perfumer Michel Roudnitska, a feature on Téo Cabanel at Henri Bendel,  Michael Davis tells us why "Real Men Wear Roses, Interview with Cathy Gins of Aromawear, Bringing Sexy Back, Interview with Sarah Barton King of The Pink Room and a Halloween article by James Dotson titled Perfumes of the Dead and finally a beautiful poem, Love Among the Spices and Michael W. Davis and Ralph Lauren's NOTORIOUS.

Sniffapalooza Magazine features the upcoming FALL BALL and in no particular order we visit Takashimaya, Bond No. 9, Bergdorf Goodman's, Henri Bendel, Aedes de Venustas, Lafco NY and much more.  Each feature is full of information, perfumers, fragrances and interviews. 

Each article is full of photographs, so scroll down, click away, have fun and welcome to this special issue of Sniffapalooza Magazine Fall Ball.

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Aurélien Guichard
Thierry Wasser
Dr. Avery Gilbert
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Real Men Wear… Perles

By Michael Davis

I’ve never been one to follow someone else’s rules of what I can or should wear. The driving force behind my fragrance choices is my personal taste and the reactions of others, such as “What are you wearing? You smell amazing!”

Perfumer Nathalie Lorson created Perles de Lalique for Lalique as a modern chypré that feels like silky smooth strands of pearls. A powdery Orris imitates this feel of pearls giving the scent an understated elegance. Bulgarian rose adds a rich sweet floral to the creamy Orris.  Bourbon pepper cuts through the opening with a sharp spicy edge but it’s not enough pepper to dominate the scent and it’s also blended with Indonesian patchouli in the heart.  Cashmere woods, oak moss and vetiver finish the fragrance with mossy woods.

Inspired by Laliques’s cactus-spike design, the eau de parfum flacon is an opaque glass bottle lined with glass beads. The glass bottle and cap resemble polished and frosted crystal.

A pure perfume version is available in a decidedly frou-frou crystal flacon, but Perles de Lalique parfum is a spicy, woody, mossy experience that is decidedly unisex.

Remember guys, don’t forget your Perles.  And it’s ok to share them with her.    

Michael W. Davis is a writer and management consultant in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael has been collecting and testing fragrances for fifteen years, and is an active contributing member of Basenotes.  Michael holds a B.S. in psychology, an M.S. in organizational behavior and focuses on behavior modification in corporate environments. Michael also studies the effects of fragrance from a social psychology perspective.