October 1, 2009

In this issue, we feature a fascinating Interview with International Fragrance Designer extraordinaire Raymond Matts , Interview with Christopher Chong; Creative Director of House of Amouage by Cristiane Gonçalves, we offer "Creed Acqua Fiorentina: Painting Plums And Carnations In The Fresh Garden of Tuscany" a New Fragrance Review By Cristiane Gonçalves, we feature an Exclusive Magazine Interview with Juliet Stewart as she talks about her new fragrance and we are proud to announce the World Premiere of a New Fragrance Review "Juliet by Juliet Stewart" By Suzanne Keller. 

We welcome back Michael Davis with his review and interview with Kilian Hennessy of "Back to Black, Aphrodisiac By Kilian; Sealed with a Kiss", we offer a haunting and compelling article titled "Scents My Sister Loved; Essays By Mark David Boberick" and we share with you the new Guerlain Idylle created by Guerlain's Thierry Wasser.

Victoria Austin covers "Classic Elegance for Any Generation: Estée Lauder Private Collection, Jasmine White Moss Parfum Fragrance Review", Interview with Gustavo Pinha, House of Creed from Bergdorf Goodman's, New York City, Real Men Wear...Leather by Michael Davis and we give a warm welcome back to Dr. John King in his series "Perfumes of the Land and Sea, Part Two" as he features masculine fragrances.

Amouage offers EPIC, Creed announces the opening of an exclusive boutique in New York City celebrating its 250 Anniversary,  three new fragrances from La Prairie; Life Threads: Silver, Gold and Platinum, a new release;  Le Secret d'Iris Perfume Precieux,  an interview with Perfumer Gerald Dubose and we feature Prince Harvey's AGELESS™ Perfume and Eau Flirt perfume.

Juliet by Juliet Stewart
New Fragrance Review
World Premiere

By Suzanne Keller

Quite simply, it is named Juliet, and its creator, make-up artist Juliet Stewart, shares at least a couple things in common with Rossellini—both being Italian-born beauties who had careers with Lancôme Cosmetics at one time. Stewart worked for more than twenty years in the upper echelons of the cosmetics industry (including a ten-year stint as National Make-up Artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics) before opening her luxury boutique in Nyack, New York, where she currently offers professional make-up and personalized skincare. Juliet, the perfume bearing her name, is a delicate and joyous fragrance that wears like the most delicious of secrets... MORE...

Juliet Stewart appearing at the
Sniffapalooza Fall Ball as Guest Speaker!
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Exclusive Sniffapalooza Magazine Interview with Juliet Stewart

Juliet Stewart launches new fragrance JULIET. 

Juliet Stewart appearing at the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball as Guest Speaker!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Juliet Stewart; a friend as well as a beautiful and successful woman who is in charge of her life.

Juliet Stewart is an international make-up artist as well as a former model who also worked with companies such as Lancôme Cosmetics, Prescriptives Cosmetics, Estee Lauder Co, National Make-up Artist exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue and Tommy Hilfiger.

In getting to know Juliet, I have found her to be a woman that is very true to herself, a feat that is not always possible these days and her journey was long. Not only is she a consummate professional, she is kind, caring and has a great sense of humor. Creating Juliet was a very personal experience for her and she truly believes in woman and what they go through as "real women in life".  Juliet is also a survivor; one who has seen much in life and I wonder if this journey is a result of what she has gone through and now; with what she has accomplished.
Juliet Stewart, Photo by Dorothea Erichsen
Hair by Pamaya Red Salon
Scents My Sister Loved
Essays By Mark David Boberick

“Just buy it, you’ve earned it!” were the final words out of my mouth before my sister swiped her credit card.  It was the summer of 2003 and my sister Dawn and I were passing the time in New York City between a matinee and an evening show on Broadway. We were on Madison Avenue in the old Creed Boutique near Barneys. Just a month earlier, we had both celebrated graduations: I, from high school, and Dawn, from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy where she had received her Doctorate of Pharmacy. 

Earlier that day, while we were shopping before the matinee, Dawn and I happened
into Saks where she was greeted by the Creed sales associate who sprayed her
down with Silver Mountain Water.  We were already late for the show and so we
made haste, ran across town and quickly took our seats.  All through the first act,
I could see her wrist to her nose, transfixed.

We had a winner.  By intermission, she professed that she was haplessly in love
with “that scent in the white bottle.” By curtain call, she was determined to own it. 
Off we walked (very briskly, might I add) to the Creed boutique....

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Interview with International Fragrance Designer
Raymond Matts

Working with the internationally renowned fragrance houses of Firmenich and, later, IFF, Raymond Matts implemented fragrance concepts for new and existing products and was accountable for all stages of development. The experience of a liaison between perfumers, salesperson and client played an essential part of his career today.

“Having that technical and creative knowledge from my work at the fragrance houses has helped nurture partnerships and aid in the development process. It has proved invaluable.”

At Estée Lauder, Raymond Matts held the position of Vice President of Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide and was responsible for the strategic, conceptual development and general management of the company's global product group. At Elizabeth Arden, again with instinct and elegance, Raymond Matts designed fragrances that captured an essence and defined an era.

Currently, Mr. Matts continues to collaborate with the worlds top perfumers to explore modern olfaction in timeless, inventive ways; reaching the sophisticated consumer, designing signature fragrances with contemporary style. All unique and all true to raymond matts the art of perfumery inc.

Raymond Matts has created hundreds of fragrances and is a true giant in the industry.
Sniffapalooza Magazine warmly welcomes Raymond Matts, fragrance designer extraordinaire.

View full interview with Raymond Matts here...

Creed Acqua Fiorentina:
Painting Plums And Carnations
In The Fresh Garden of Tuscany
New Fragrance Review

By Cristiane Gonçalves
Fragrance Writer Sniffapalooza Magazine 

Every fragrance should be born as an Art masterpiece that should open new artistic dimensions in people’s minds and senses, a type of scented Renaissance by its timeless and uniqueness features influencing individuals to have a new look at perfumery as the real eight Art. New raw materials and mixtures that would have the same effect of new textures on a painting or of new harmonic combination in a Music piece, everything  moved by a breakthrough sensibility and the mission of composing fragrances praising the universal beauty – simply the Art beauty exists in real artists across centuries.

Inspired by the Renaissance Italian Art, the House of Creed, renowned niche perfume house founded in London and led by Olivier Creed presents Acqua Fiorentina, its new fragrance release, a real familiar scented project composed by perfumer Olivier Creed and his son Erwin Creed.

The fragrance is a floral fruity that features notes of plum, greengage, Renaissance roses, pink carnations, Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, cedar wood and sandalwood and, in a lovely creation to celebrate the beauty of this magnificent artistic and cultural movement, Acqua Fiorentina’s character is highlighted by two main interesting layers that are delightful like sparing, for a long time, a Florence landscape surrounded by edible plums and fresh citrus juice and then, being indulged by an addictive slight spicy-flowery scent with pink carnations blooming imaginatively around me as I would be Madonna muse of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting... more...

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Back to Black, Aphrodisiac By Kilian
Sealed with a Kiss

New fragrance review
and interview with
Kilian Hennessy

By Michael Davis

The scent of fresh, unburned tobacco has been a favorite scent of mine as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I found a pouch of my dad's pipe tobacco in his desk drawer. The electric charge of finding something taboo for kids and 'for adults only' coursed through me as I opened the pouch. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes to focus on its rich aroma.

A tidal wave of honey, cherry/almond syrup, earth, and moist leaves washed over and through me. The intoxicating scent burned into my memory and still resonates strongly within me to this day.

By Kilian Back to Black, Aphrodisiac brings that memory into full focus almost as if if it happened yesterday....more...

Read full Back to Black, Aphrodisiac By Kilian
review and interview here.


Start of 250th Anniversary Celebration

The Paris-based CREED royal perfume house has signed a lease to open
a 400 square foot boutique in the landmark building at 794 Madison Avenue
on the northwest corner of 67th Street in New York City in time to serve its
American clientele for the 2009 holiday season.  It will be CREED's only
stand-alone store in America.  Among the more than 40 CREED fragrances and other goods the store will offer men
and women will be Windsor, the fragrance CREED made for the Duke of Windsor in 1936.

"The debut of CREED's first ever store on New York's most prestigious retail corridor sets the stage for CREED's 250th anniversary celebration," said Emmanuel and Thomas Saujet, CEO and President, respectively, of International Cosmetics & Perfumes, Inc. (www.icperfumes.com), CREED's exclusive, authorized distributor in the U.S. and Canada.    "We proudly choose New York to be first in what will be a collection of CREED boutiques across North America," Messrs. Saujet added.

Beyond a festive opening this year, the New York store will offer clients special events and commemorative goods throughout the next 16 months to celebrate CREED's 250th year in business, which occurs in 2010, Messrs. Saujet added.  Based in Paris, CREED is the world's only private held luxury fragrance dynasty, passed from father to son in an unbroken line since 1760, serving more than 10 royal houses, heads of state, world renowned film and music stars, titans in business, top athletes and the discerning public for 249 years.

Today, CREED is headed by sixth-generation master perfumer and worldwide CEO Olivier CREED.  Working alongside is his son, Erwin, 28, seventh generation of the House and its designated future chief.  Together they travel the world in search of the world's finest blooms, spices, woods and fruits for use in CREED fragrances, which father and son make by hand in France using methods that date to the company's start in 1760.

CREED's first fragrance client was King George III.   Among CREED's historic U.S. clients were New York City Mayor Richard Varick in 1788.  In 2009, Washingtonian Magazine reported First Lady Michelle Obama wears CREED Love In White, a fragrance named for Mr. CREED's love of sailing.  The first bottle of that fragrance was presented to First Lady Laura Bush in 2005.

Classic Elegance for Any Generation
Estée Lauder Private Collection
Jasmine White Moss Parfum
Fragrance Review

Amouage EPIC

Amouage is proud to announce the launch of its new fragrances: Epic for Woman and Man. The fragrances continue the narrative that Christopher Chong, the House’s Creative Director, commenced during the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Amouage and continued through all recent fragrance launches.

"Jubilation portrays the tale of the nymph trapped eternally in a mystical nocturnal world.  We see her singing longingly of her eternal desire to the moon. In the next fragrance, Lyric takes us back to her past as a mortal when she is an ambitious young operatic singer who sells her soul to the Svengali character in her quest for perfection and immortality.

In the latest instalment of the story we see Epic Woman emerging from the metamorphosis seen in Lyric’s watery underworld and begins her quest for the fulfilment of her immortal voice. Her quest this time is to find the long lost legendary aria from the oriental opera Turandot by Puccini, who died before completing the opera. Legend has it that this aria is an impossible and dangerous composition. Fatal to a man’s mortality, it is buried in the sands in a secret place somewhere along the Silk Road.

Epic Woman finds herself in an other-wordly setting of the remote and formidable landscapes of the ancient Silk Road.  In the twilight she sees a light in the mirage as this long lost aria beckons to her, yet continually to elude her.  This guiding beacon is Epic Man who appears to her only in those desperate moments when she believes herself to be entirely defeated.  Driven by the inevitability of her destiny – the perfect voice finding the perfect aria – she is drawn by an insurmountable will to the summit of this surreal and bleak landscape.  Here, finally, she is united with her fate.  The aria is hers.  She has become the Legend."

Both Epic fragrances are the fusion of ingredients from both Arabia and the Orient - essences that would have been plied along the ancient trading routes. Oud is one of the rarest and special ingredients traded since ancient times featured in both fragrances and this is teamed with Chinese tea and oriental flower essences to complete the fusion of the two geographies’ shared trading history.

The richness of both fragrances evokes the precious commodities traded along the Silk Road – gold, pearls, tea, silks, jade, spices and frankincense. They also contain the smoky splendour and opulence of Arabia whilst maintaining the poetic depth of Chinese culture.   Both bottles and the Swarovski stone trims are inspired by the deep striking green of imperial jadeite of the Orient, which is believed to provide protection from evil and the gold-plated caps reflect the radiance of Arabia.

Epic Woman’s box is representative of precious, translucent mother of pearl. The Man’s box is inspired by an antique, Chinese, leather travelling case reflecting the leathery notes in the base of the men’s fragrance.

Epic Woman is a spicy floral oriental fragrance with silken top notes of Cumin, Pink Bay and Cinnamon, which blend smoothly into a romantic, floral heart of Damascene Rose, Geranium and Jasmine.  Rich base notes of Amber, Vanilla, Frankincense, and Orris balance the more masculine essences of Patchouli and Oud in the unique and intriguing finale.

Epic Man is a woody oriental fragrance shining with essences of Pink Pepper Berry, Cardamom, Saffron and Nutmeg - creating a powerful and complex range of top notes.  The heart notes feature Geranium and Myrrh and evoke the floral splendour of an imperial court.  The base notes of Oud, Leather and Patchouli are layered with Castarum and the House’s signature use of Frankincense.

Available at Bergdorf Goodman and Aedes during Sniffapalooza Fall Ball.
Interview with Christopher Chong
Creative Director of House of Amouage
By Cristiane Gonçalves

“Perfumes are more than beautiful scents.
It is a philosophy, a representation of life, living, who we are and how we want to define ourselves.”  

               - Christopher Chong                  

Christopher Chong is the Creative Director of the luxurious House of Amouage, a renowned niche perfume house whose rich heritage in raw materials of high quality, artistic inspiration and the art in perfumery started in the roots of Sultanate of Oman and brings to the market universal and unique fine fragrances. 

After the success of the classic Amouage Gold and so many others fragrances, in the last years under the direction and multi-artistic vision of Christopher Chong guiding the work of great world’s perfumers from Grasse, in the South of France, The House of Amouage has changed more and more for an outstanding and excellence performance in perfume making of global luxurious fragrance, among them Jubilation, Lyric and the last release Epic Man and Epic Woman.

In this delightful interview, Christopher Chong tells me about the new business approach of Amouage in the last 3 years, his creative inspirations, luxury in fragrances, the new fragrance Epic, among others issues. I hope you enjoy, Art in fragrances is all, mainly when a brand travels around the world.


Read full interview with Christopher Chong
By Cristiane Gonçalves here
What I liked most about Juliet and her fragrance is that she did not create a "press story" story to tell about the creation of her perfume. She did not spin a "yarn" about how the fragrance was created by "virgins that picked white flowers under a full moon and then pressed perfume oils from the flowers with their feet." We all have seen the stories, some companies spin elaborate press releases and go to great lengths to tempt us with descriptions of  fragrances that are right out of a romance novel.  But does that make it true and real?  Not necessarily.

Juliet Stewart created a beautiful fragrance and yes, she has stories to tell, about her mother; about Italy but she does not use these to sell her fragrances.  Her gorgeous fragrance is simply "Juliet".   -Raphaella Barkley

View full interview with Juliet Stewart here
by Victoria Austin

The name Estée Lauder always conveys wonderfully vivid childhood scent memories for me of sneaking into my grandmother’s elegant bedroom to see what beautiful bottles adorned her perfume tray.

Billed as an intensely lush green floral chypre, Private Collection Jasmine White Moss Parfum delivers stunningly on every well blended note.  An initial burst of radiant, crisp green and fruity notes married with white floral lushness and  resinous  woods speaks eloquently of the notes as they all seem to trumpet their presence in the first spritz.  As the fragrance ascends into its phases, a lovely softness imbues so elegantly blended that it is difficult to transfix on any one note, which is one reason I love the Private Collection Jasmine White Moss.  The top notes of mandarin and absolutes of black currant bud, galbanum and bergamot linger for rare bright moments until they segue into the heart notes of jasmine sambac absolute, ylang ylang and jasmine India absolutes.  In many jasmine fragrances , there is distinct mildew dankness, but not here...

View full Jasmine White Moss Parfum review here
"A Slight Intake of Breath" by KC Wilkerson
Perfumer Gerald Dubose Magazine Interview

Gerald Knight DuBose is a gifted visionary on a mission to change how the world perceives beauty. A writer, athlete, performer entrepreneur and now budding fragrance artist, he has always seen the world differently than most. A Washington DC native, Gerald's childhood was dedicated to creativity. He began writing poetry at six-years old , developing a genuine passion for overlooked beauty. He began his love affair with scents and fragrances shortly thereafter, becoming captivated by his father’s collection.

Gerald understands that “nothing gold can stay” in much the same manner that Robert Frost did. He seeks to find perfection in an imperfect world, realizing that the imperfections of a creation or scene are where the true beauty lies.

Beauty is what we perceive it to be as is everything else in our lives. We learn to live and love through the teachings of our family and friends, only when we study and take the time to really look upon life as well as the world around us, do we truly begin to perceive life as it should  be: An individual quest to make our mark on one another and paint the canvass as bold, subtle or sublime as we like. It is then, and only then, that we are truly living.” .....more

View full interview with Perfumer Gerald Knight Dubose here...
New Fragrance
Le Secret d'Iris
Perfume Precieux

Le Secret d'Iris debuted in 2006 as a bijou flower shop presenting a rare and precious cache of floral delights... Although hidden within  the old cobbled labyrinth of Pezenas, in the South of France,  it was discovered by the discerning local clientele and soon became the most desirable florist in the quartier. The romantic and ancient ville  of Pezenas was once home to Moliere and Nostra damus...A place of poets, artists and fortune tellers...  Whispers and secrets have been guarded in the ancient stone walls and  for centuries have remained untold...

The natural smells and the colours of the flower and plant compositions we created  were the inspiration for these floral bouquets.  The richness and warmth of the mediterannean landscape creates  its own  natural wonders  of nature. Our  desire is to work with the flowers and plants produced  locally...whether it be the mountains, the garrigue or by the sea ... each holds it own rich treasures and has been the inspiration behind this exclusive collection of scents by Le Secret d'Iris.
After years of studying flowers and perfume in Paris and Grasse  Joanne Chamberlain has launched a trio of handmade scents called La Folie du Thé au Jasmin,  La Passion de Marie Antoinette and L'Amour de Mimi Rose.    The power of emotion is released through perfume; we can feel beautiful, sensual, happy, serene, strong .... naturally  we are attracted to the smells that attract others to us. And each perfume smells different on the individual .  We encourage you to experiment with these three scents ....layering the fragrance will create a blend unique to you. Each fragrance compliments the others,  worn alone or together they smell divine. Light and fresh... longlasting but never overpowering.

Our scents are created in an atelier within an old wine makers house and the natural smells of oak, vine leaf, raisin and sunshine have all helped with the creation and inspiration of our perfumes.

Presented in hand made  French vintage pochettes.. each one is different and beautiful ... something you can keep for trinkets and pretties once the perfumes are gone.

Le Secret d'Iris will be exclusively available from September 2009 through our website www.lesecretdiris.com and www.poudrierrose.com
for further information contact email: lesecretdirs@gmail.com                

These are available in the USA at the above web sites.

Guerlain Idylle
New Fragrance

In this first fragrance he created as a perfumer for Guerlain, Thierry Wasser chose to celebrate a woman’s strongest emotion, beautifully capturing the heart pounding joy and sensuality of love.

Guerlain’s new Idylle fragrance is a timeless message of love, celebrating the varying facets and feelings experienced in a love affair. A mist of flowers float lightly and blissfully on the skin, symbolizing the tenderness and fleeting nature of relationships. The chypre accord adds a daring and stirring undertone reflecting that special moment when it all begins, when the explosion of the sense mingle with a surge of feelings. Each stage and each step in love’s emotional journey are distinctively cherished in the special harmonizing notes of Idylle.

The Fragrance: A Mist of Flowers on the Skin

“For Idylle, I imagined a bouquet of fresh and sensual flowers, a symbol of love." 

-Thierry Wasser, Guerlain Perfumer

Top Harmony: A bouquet of lilies of the valley, peonies, freesia, lilacs and rose.

Middle Harmony: Guerlain created a special rose blend for Idylle with Bulgarian Roses of exceptional quality that were hand-selected one by one by Thierry Wasser and Jean-Paul Guerlain. This Guerlain-exclusive rose blend contains hints of raspberry and litchi; it takes 750kg of roses to obtain 1kg of absolute.

Base Harmony: This reinterpretation of the signature Guerlinade base includes patchouli and white musk for added sensuality.

Interview with Gustavo Pinha
House of Creed
Bergdorf Goodman's, New York City

The two new fragrances, Acqua Fiorentina and Sublime Vanille will be available for everyone to try at the upcoming Sniffapalooza Fall Ball October 17th and 18th.

Gustavo, please tell us, what exactly you do with the House of Creed? I don’t think the majority of people know the rigorous training you go through to be able to help with all the fragrances that are available from Creed.

I am a dedicated Specialist for The House of CREED.  Each Specialist goes through a lengthy interview process, and once hired, through an intense training conducted by our national CREED educator Roberto Ferreira.  The training really never ends though, it is the commitment to the brand that makes me crave the knowledge of its more than 40 scents.  The passion makes sense as The House of CREED is unlike any other perfume house I have worked for in my 15 years in the industry.    It is a privately held perfume dynasty that has been family owned since 1760, which hand selects the finest ingredients from around the world and still uses the infusion technique; an age old process that is not used in the industry due to its high costs.  Since the foundation is so different, it’s like learning everything from scratch.  It’s this knowledge that allows me to individualize each client’s consultation.

What are the most popular CREED fragrances at Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York City?
A scent is a very personal thing, why follow a trend.  Yes we have scents that sell better than others, but mentioning them would almost be like discrediting the other fragrances in the line.  For me, I am always looking for that signature scent and CREED really gives any fragrance aficionado the opportunity to find one.  In the end, the fragrance of choice might one of our newer 6th generation scents or a Classic scent that might be 250 years old! 

What is the best part of being a sales associate in the fragrance industry?

They say the best jobs are the ones you are most passionate about. For me, I could talk about fragrance all day.  To have a house that is so rich in history and heritage allows me
to do just that…..talk about fragrance.

Tell us why you love fragrance so much and what it means to you?

A fragrance can have so many different meanings.  For some people it could mean love, for others confidence, it could mean a finishing touch on the perfect outfit, or my favorite, an outlet to rekindle a memory about a place or a special someone.  It is amazing that something so simple and pure can be so powerful. 

Will the two latest fragrances; Acqua Fiorentina and the upcoming new Sublime Vanille be available at Bergdorf Goodman’s for everyone to try at the upcoming Sniffapalooza Fall Ball in New York City October 17 and 18th, 2009? Please tell us about these two new fragrances.

Yes !!! The two new fragrances, Acqua Fiorentina and Sublime Vanille will be available for everyone to try at the upcoming Sniffapalooza Fall Ball October 17th and 18th.
CREED Acqua Fiorentina is hand made with flowers and fruits from the orchards and gardens around Florence.  Greengage plum is the masterpiece top note.  Renaissance roses, pink carnations, vivid bergamot and Calabrian lemon are the master’s choice for the thriving heart.  Warm base notes of Virginia cedar and Indian sandalwood are the sculpted wood frame for this work of art. 

Sublime Vanille is the first of five scents in the Royal Exclusive line.  The scent is hand made with vanilla-rich climbing orchids of Tahiti and heady Bourbon vanilla of South America.  Tonka bean, bergamot orange, Calabrian lemon and rare musk in the hands of Olivier CREED become a fragrance as richly reassuring as family tradition itself.  The Royal Exclusives are sure to be sought and safekept for decades and generations by CREED connoisseurs -- and those who wish to start their first fragrance collection with a true asset.

Bergdorf Goodman CREED
Gustavo Pinha, Bergdorf Goodman, NYC. Photo by Christine Lewandowski
Three new fragrances from La Prairie
Life Threads: Silver, Gold and Platinum

Life Threads: Silver
an enchanting floral woody fragrance
A sensual scent with a hint of decadence woven throughout. Silver awakens the senses with a splash of citrus as haunting florals defy predictability, and mysterious nuances
unabashedly raise sensuality. The first impression of the fragrance opens with a surprising burst of citrus and green notes of golden bergamot and green leaves.  Green Leaves, Golden Bergamot.  The personality or “heart” of the fragrance captivates with heady florals of tuberose, Indian jasmine and ylang ylang while pimento and orange blossom provide warmth and texture.  Tuberose, Pimento, Indian Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang.  The soul of the fragrance imparts mysterious nuances of rare sandalwood, cherished vetiver, solar musk and peppery moss woods which warm the essence.  Rare Sandalwood, Cherished Vetiver, Solar Musk, Peppery Moss

Life Threads: Gold
a seductive spicy oriental fragrance. The first impression of the fragrance intrigues with the fruit baring spicy sweetness of plum and clove wrapped in tangerine.  Tangerine, Chinese Plum, Clove Bud.
The personality or “heart” of the fragrance intertwines pepper, cinnamon and coriander with
the sensuality of rose, lily of the valley and ylang ylang., Exotic Pepper, Kyoto Rose, Cinnamon
Bark, Coriander, Lily of the Valley, Ylang Ylang.  The soul of the fragrance infuses incense with the rich warmth of vanilla, musk, golden myrrh and precious woods. Cedarwood, Patchouli, Golden Myrrh, Vanilla, Imperial Incense.  The complex scent of Gold seduces with the exquisite femininity of florals, sweetness of forbidden fruit and spicy decadence of all you dream becoming a reality.

Life Threads: Platinum
an elegant and edgy chypre floral fragrance. The first impression of the fragrance is a mixture of sweetness from juicy plum and violet leaf blended with underlying green notes that present elegance. Violet Leaf, Rare Galbanum, Rich Plum.  The personality or “heart” of the fragrance blends floral notes of rose, jasmine and iris with soft leathery notes that add depth and edginess.  Crystal Jasmine Petals, Crushed Persian Rose, Sensual Leather, Kerala Cardamom, Elegant Iris.  The soul of the fragrance entangles with enchanting notes of patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss, amber and labdanum offering a strong identity to the base. Indonesian Patchouli, Vetiver, Golden Amber, Oakmoss, Labdanum.  Platinum offers a sophisticated presence with great depth and mystery that refuses to go unnoticed. Rare and unique blends of florals, woods and leathery notes arouse the senses with intuitive sensuality conveying luxury and power.

Life Threads: Silver, Gold and Platinum Suggested Retail Price $125.00 / each  Size 50 ml / 1.7 FL OZ.
La Prairie is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus,
Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and www.laprairie.com.

"I wanted a fluid and sensual design, very feminine, that symbolises a drop of perfume, a drop of love"  - Ora-Ito, Designer

The exquisite design of Idylle’s bottle is owed to upcoming French designer, Ora-Ito, known for his ability to combine complex designs with simple lines for a modern, essential feel. He drew inspiration from Guerlain’s classic fragrance bottles and re-imagined their shapes for today’s Guerlain woman. Idylle’s bottle captures the moment of impact of one single, golden tear drop; a tear drop of love, of joy, of happiness. The curves evident from every direction are meant to evoke femininity and grace, reminiscent of the curves of a female, her stiletto heels and the sensuality of the Idylle fragrance.

Guerlain Idylle is available exclusively at select Saks Fifth Avenues. 
50ml Eau de Parfum - $90.00
100ml Eau de Parfum - $130.00

Olivier and Erwin Creed
AGELESS™ Perfume
Eau Flirt perfume

Say hello to a bouquet of youth.  Inspired by recent scientific discoveries and clinical trials demonstrating that women can smell younger than their age, Harvey Prince & Co. has created a new fragrance called AGELESS™.  The fragrance, proven to help women defy their age by 8 – 12 years, is rapidly becoming a favorite among thousands of women worldwide.
As we age, both men and women produce a body chemical know as “noneal,” which occurs as a result of breakdown of fatty acids in the skin and causes the aging body odor.

The all-natural AGELESS anti-aging fragrance is a proprietary combination of aromatic essences that include pink grapefruit, mango, pineapple, leafy greens, anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, jasmine and musk. Also containing oils of Lily of the Valley and peony, the formula is based on natural bio-chemistry. 

Read full press release here on Ageless Perfume and Eau Flirt Perfume

Meet Kumar Ramani from Prince Harvy; Ageless and Eau Flirt Perfume at the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball!
For The Men...
Perfumes of the Land and Sea
Part Two

By Dr. John King

Dr John King continues his personal Scent Trek in search of perfumes that remind him of home and abroad. A must read for the men!

In my first article, I introduced you to my home territory near the Malvern Hills in central England. Malvern was hitherto famous for its water, drunk by the Queen.  Now following my article, people may hopefully be aware that it has a fragrant ecology too. 

Not a very spectacular one, I admit.  From the perfumer’s point of view Malvern remains a rarefied place, characterised mainly by fresh air, stunning views, and the faintest hint of gorse and broom.  You might also find some damp mosses if you are lucky and there’s certainly plenty of grass. 

But now it’s time for us to really get down to earth.  In this issue I’m going to look at the fragrant joys of ploughed fields. Unsurprisingly, we are in the territory of men’s fragrances here – or, with due respect to Nathan Branch 1 , those ostensibly intended for men.

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Franco Wright and Adam Eastwood, co-owners and co-founders of Scent Bar and Lucky Scent agree. They had an idea and flew to France to consult with niche house, Indult about creating a scent that captures the legends of leather. According to Franco, “When we went to Paris last Fall, (September of 2007), interestingly enough, it was our very first trip to Paris, and our very first appointment was to meet with none other than Francis Kurkdjian— in fact, he is the first celebrated ‘nose’ we ever met since we started Luckyscent in 2001.(Writer’s note: Kurkdjian is  the nose  behind Gaultier’s Le Male, Narcsico for Her, and Ferragamo's F de Ferragamo)

"So we met in a small café and had a talk about perfumes, his creative process and ideas for the future. He was kind enough to show us his laboratory and we smelled a few of his works ‘in progress.”

Wright continues, “Months later, back in L.A., we began serious discussions with Indult... They had already marketed three feminine scents, so the idea of doing a masculine scent was especially appealing. We knew it had to be the same high caliber and extraordinary quality of the existing Indult scents. Yet we all agreed to give Francis total creative reign, essentially a blank canvas for him to create an exceptional masculine fragrance”, Franco Wright says, “I suggested to Indult that we could create ‘a study in Leather’; one feminine; one masculine.”

Soon after, Wright and Eastwood realized they really wanted to focus solely on the men’s version; but
a masculine like no other –with nuances of the exotic, mystery and complexity.  A few months later Reve en Cuir was born, and it was perfect...

Owning a leather-centric fragrance is as essential to a man’s wardrobe as owning a well made pair of shoes. Classic leather scents such as Knize Ten and the leathery chypre Aramis are long-time favorites of many men, at all price points.

Although there are many scents that try to replicate that familiar, yet strangely mysterious smell of leather, few fragrances provide a multi-sensorial experience. Reve en Cuir from Indult is perfect for those who are looking for something more than a leather aroma.

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian designed Reve en Cuir using the skill of a master architect. He created
a rare fragrance that truly exemplifies perfect construction in the way it progresses on the skin. Reve en Cuir is a multifaceted progression of accords that are an interpretation of leather in various incarnations as opposed to merely replicating the smell of leather.

Reve en Cuir (trans. ‘dream in leather’) lives up to its name. The fragrance entertains with three distinct performances; all of which has the leather accord like a Greek Chorus running throughout.

Act 1 is Citrus Leather which introduces the scent. Citrus notes lend a very mild preface, more of an invitation--- a beckoning gesture that pulls you closer to the leather beneath.  Act 2 is Smoked Wood and Leather evoking an image of a saddle on a wooden stand, warming next to a fireplace( my favorite  ‘dialogue’ is the hint of clove at the beginning that slowly fades and seemingly morphs into a tendril of smoke.) The third and final act is Luscious Leather; it’s almost edible. Vanilla takes center stage in the finale, wrapped in a supple smooth leathery accord with just a touch of sweetness.

If you think Reve en Cuir smells great on you, hand the bottle to her. Make sure she gives it back.

Available EXCLUSIVELY at www.luckyscent.com and at Scent Bar

Images courtesy of LuckyScent.com, Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian photo courtesy of Paris; By Appointment Only.
Additional images courtesy of Editor. 

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian

Real Men Wear… Leather

By Michael W. Davis

Obviously. It’s ‘ingrained’. That new car smell, our first  perfectly worn in jacket, saddles, our first  baseball glove;  leather is in every man’s  DNA.

How many of you guys (including yours truly) have wanted to look as tough and as cool as Marlon Brando or James Dean did in their leather jackets? Or did you gravitate towards the Euro-style and Gallic savoir faire of Jean Paul Belmondo or (I know you are out there) the head to toe ‘statement’ of Glenn Hughes from the ‘macho macho man’ ‘70s disco band The Village People? From the hide skins worn by our cavemen ancestors to the A–list sophistication of Diddy or Tom Ford, leather is part of a global masculine mythology.