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Estée Lauder Private Collection Jasmine White Moss Parfum
Fragrance Review

by Victoria Austin

The name Estée Lauder always conveys wonderfully vivid childhood
scent memories for me of sneaking into my grandmother’s elegant
bedroom to see what beautiful bottles adorned her perfume tray.

One of the most intriguing perfumes to me was her bottle of Estée
Lauder’s Youth Dew with it’s unique dark juice.  That was the initial
Estée Lauder fragrance I recall the most from my grandmother’s
collection that began to spark an interest and create a bridge to my
generation and passing down her love of beautiful fragrances to me.
Remembering my own grandmother’s love of Estée Lauder’s
fragrances and my discovery of them at an early age, I can
somewhat relate to Aerin Lauder’s delight at finding her beloved
grandmother’s unfinished creation.  And I believe my grandmother
would fall in love with Private Collection Jasmine White Moss as
much as I have

Since becoming a devoted lover of Estée Lauder Private
Collection fragrances, my nose was set to experience the third and
newest in the Lauder Company’s line up, Jasmine White Moss.

Learning that the formula and idea for the fragrance was initiated
a generation ago by Estée Lauder then forgotten for many years in
the vault of International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) intrigued me.
And after experiencing this jewel of a fragrance, I have to wonder if it was fate. 

Were the fragrance gods holding back until man discovered new technologies to produce unique accords?  Or were they waiting for Aerin Lauder’s special touch?  Whatever the case, I thank the fragrance angels for tapping Aerin Lauder on the shoulder and inspiring her to finish the beautiful creation begun by her extraordinary grandmother. 

Billed as an intensely lush green floral chypre, Private Collection Jasmine White Moss Parfum delivers stunningly on every well blended note.  An initial burst of radiant, crisp green and fruity notes married with white floral lushness and  resinous  woods speaks eloquently of the notes as they all seem to trumpet their presence in the first spritz.  As the fragrance ascends into its phases, a lovely softness imbues so elegantly blended that it is difficult to transfix on any one note, which is one reason I love the Private Collection Jasmine White Moss.  The top notes of mandarin and absolutes of black currant bud, galbanum and bergamot linger for rare bright moments until they segue into the heart notes of jasmine sambac absolute, ylang ylang and jasmine India absolutes.  In many jasmine fragrances , there is distinct mildew dankness, but not here.

This jasmine is refreshingly drier and lighter to my nose, almost airy.  In the final dry down, the chypre base notes of patchouli heart, vetiver and an Estee Lauder exclusive, white moss mist, evolve effortlessly for a lightly warm, yet fresh and sparkling, harmonious blend.  There are times for blaring notes, but this is not that time.  This is the time for all things in balance and uniqueness in harmony.  Estée Lauder Jasmine White Moss blends the best of unique and enticing lush floral and chypre accords utilizing old formulas and new technology, and births an elegant sophistication that transcends the generations.

Estée Lauder Jasmine White Moss Parfum 1 oz. ($325) is offered in the exquisite contemporary bottle encrusted with a semi-precious jeweled cap of White Jade, dark and light Lapis, Sodalite, Black Agate, Mother of Pearl and Blue Lace Agate stones inspired by Estée Lauder’s love of blue and white.  

Estee Lauder

Available at Sniffapalooza Fall Ball at Bergdorf Goodman
Available at all fine department stores.

Victoria Austin is a freelance writer, singer and fragrance collector and enthusiast living happily with her family in Texas.