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This past year Sniffapalooza Magazine has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity and readship.
The success is almost overwhelming and I can barely keep up with it all.  As one person from the Sniffapalooza Magazine Guest Book says:

“I love this magazine. Where else do Genies come out of bottles, real men wear roses, Jason Bourne wears ivory soap, a new fragrance from Neil Morris brings us the tranquility of Japanese gardens and finally, you can listen to super stars like Yosh and Andy Tauer talk about the industry as if you were all having a cup of tea together?  Brava!  Amazing!”

This sums up what we are all about.  Where on earth would you find so many interviews in just a few issues with power perfumers such as Serge Lutens, Francis Kurkdjian, Frederic Malle, Jean Claude Ellena, Michel Roudnitska, Olivier Gillotin, Aurélien Guichard, Thierry Wasser, Monsieur Olivier and Erwin Creed, Christopher Chong, Camille Goutal, Bertrand Duchaufour, Roja Dove Andy Tauer, Neil Morris, Mandy Aftel, Yosh Han, Vero Kern, Roja Dove, Ralf Schwieger, Antonia Bellanca, Ron Robinson, Ulrich Lang, Gerald Ghislain and many others? We also feature industry powers such as Marian Bendeth, Raymond Matts, Laurice Rahmé and Kilian Hennessy. 

They inspire us.  They have the inspiration within them to respond to any question just as any celebrity would do.  Their creativity shines forth for us, no matter what the situation or question. They do this so well…they don’t criticize, they are not negative; they just shine forth.

I see that many of the Magazine’s contributors shine forth too.  Where else can you read fragrant Halloween stories such those written for Sniffapalooza Magazine by the infamous Dr. James Dotson?   Many of the contributors have been with the Magazine since its inception.

Is a great honor when perfumers and industry persons such as Michel Roudnitska, Vero Kern, Ron Robinson, Neil Morris, Sarah Horowitz-Thran and Mandy Aftel sign our Guest Book.    

The content of the magazine is intended to be broad and varied and its success is due to its contributors.  This is why it is so popular.  The success of the Magazine, I feel, is due to the mass and general appeal of our vast and international readership-for our readers, we are not too high-brow nor so intellectual that you can’t understand what is being said.  As another reader said: "There truly is something here for everyones reading pleasure - from the erudite to the delightful".

An interesting aspect of the Magazine is that we are not limited to “members”.  Although itself is a consumer event  group, Sniffapalooza Magazine’s viewers are not all members.  Perfumers and others from the industry read the Magazine as do serious perfumistas, including both new fans of perfume and the very experienced.  I have received wonderful e-mails from major beauty and fashion magazines that love our magazine.  Sniffapalooza Magazine readers are very savvy and sophisticated.

One of the most real and interesting stories I’ve come across in the story that belongs to Caroline Ilacqua of Téo Cabanel.   Now, that is an honest and very fascinating story of how a company was resurrected.  Jessica Dunne of Ellie perfumes has a real story too as does Dorothy McCall of Kingsbury Fragrances, Neil Morris and many other niche perfumers.

This broad appeal is what we try to accomplish at Sniffapalooza Magazine, plus all the varied content such as rocking interviews with perfumers.  We have all this in Sniffapalooza Magazine and this is what our readers crave and love.

Thank you so much for the support, respect and love shown by all of our fans and friends alike. 

Editor; Sniffapalooza

May, 2009

Sniffapalooza Magazine garnered TWO nominations in the TOP FIVE finalists in the category of
Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage 2009 Blog!

The Fragrance Foundation and the 2009 Fifi Awards recently announced the Top Five finalists in the category of Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage 2009 Blog. Sniffapalooza Magazine garnered TWO nominations in the TOP FIVE finalists in the category of Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage 2009 Blog. The Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage Blog category is an historic and appreciative gesture on the part of The Fragrance Foundation for the quality work on online fragrance blog sites, legitimizing them as editorial vehicles.  If you have not seen our two "Top Five" articles that the Fifi panalists chose, you can view the full articles here in their entirety.  This is truly a honor for us.

Congratulations to Elena Vosnaki and Nathan Branch for catapulting Sniffapalooza Magazine into the FiFi Award Nominations that were chosen for this historical award nomination. A sincere heartfelt thanks to the Fragrance Foundation and FiFi Awards.  See all the nominations Fifi Awards here at

Raphaella Brescia Barkley
Editor In Chief of Sniffapalooza Magazine

Sniffapalooza Magazine was founded and created by Raphaella Brescia Barkley out of love and passion of fragrance. 
She formed the popular international on-line fragrance site in early 2006.

You are welcome to browse the latest news, articles, events, reviews and new releases on the fragrance front. The Magazine, in it's first year,
has received thousands of hits and already has many fans the world over.  The publication was designed to fill the need for a true Magazine/blog
format that supported the world of fragrance.  Sniffapalooza Magazine is an independent entity that was created to enhance the exclusive,
truly sophisticated and exciting world of fragrance and the fragrant world around it. 

Passionately involved in fragrance, Raphaella has spent the past few years researching and studying fragrance.
She founded and formed Sniffapalooza Magazine as an outlet for creativity in April, 2006, instead of chatting on
the perfume blogs/forums which she found unproductive and left her feeling unfulfilled. Under her direction, she has pulled together an assortment of professional writers to contribute to the magazine she founded, sharing with the world a huge assortment of unique articles, interviews and reviews.
The magazine currently has readers from around the world sharing a love of fragrance.  Her personal philosophy is to never write a negative
review of a fragrance; as she believes that all fragrance is subjective.  She believes that negative reviews are "time wasting"
and causes the public to believe what they read; she believes that negativity causes unjustifiable confusion and does a great disservice to the fragrance industry as well as to the perfumers and creators.  Here at the magazine, everyone has a unique opinion and we are like a living room where all are welcome, where the light shines on everyone who enters.  The Magazine makes no distinction between the small perfumers and the large houses; everyone gets a chance to shine. She agrees that while we are all very opinionated, negativity or snarky remarks has no place here. 
The Magazine is about the love and beauty of fragrance, without compromising integrity.

Under Raphaella Barkley's direction and dedication as Editor In Chief, Sniffapalooza Magazine garnered FOUR nominations in the TOP FIVE of The Fragrance Foundation Fifi Awards finalists in the category of Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage 2009 and 2010 Blog .  The Fragrance Foundation and The Fifi Awards announced April 23, 2010, the Top Five Finalist in the category of Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage Blog.  Sniffapalooza Magazine garnered TWO nominations again in the TOP FIVE Finalists in the category of Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage Blog.  See two of the top five articles from Mark David Boberick "Scents My Sister Loved" and Michael Davis for "Real Men Wear" here in their entirety.   This is the second year that Sniffapalooza Magazine contributors have placed Top Five FiFi Finalist and you can view the top five on the Fifi blog here. 

  A former model, beauty queen and professional ballet dancer, Ms. Barkley also has a business background that includes executive experience in marketing, fundraising and event management. She served as Artistic and Executive Director for two successful major arts organizations; working
with international ballet super stars with primary responsibility for all event productions. She was also responsible for all fund raising/grant
writing in excess of $500,000 and for all event management, including overseeing 100 volunteers.  Raphaella is also a former artistic director of two professional ballet companies and a choreographer who has directed musicals, television commercials and was personal manager to dancers
from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.  After retiring from the performing arts world, she became the General Manager of a historical boutique hotel in a ski-resort.  She has been involved in animal rescue for many years, is an avid book and music collector and enjoys traveling with her husband.

Passionately involved in fragrance, Raphaella has spent the past few years researching and studying fragrance.  She has had a fragrance library of over 400 fragrances of which she blames her grandmother.  View "Couer de Fleur...Heart of the Flower"  here.   Other interests involve
collecting Raphaella's Roses and rose fragrances and Niche fragrances.  Because of fragrance experts like Marian Bendeth, she
is currently in the process of re-discovering classic and iconic fragrances, mass luxury fragrances as well as certain commercial fragrances. 

Raphaella is also the new Contributor for Beauty Fashion Magazine, a national industry beauty magazine featuring her new column,
"San Francisco Beat" which covers major beauty and fragrance events in the San Francisco area You can view "San Francisco Beat" column here
Raphaella believes that fragrance is an art form, magical and healing.  She still stops to smell the roses.

You can contact her at

Sniffapalooza Magazine is independently owned and operated by Raphaella Barkley since it's inception in 2006.

All rights reserved 2006-2010.  All content belongs to Sniffapalooza Magazine.  All articles by individual writers and contributors, understand and agree that each article that is accepted by the Editor for publication;
becomes the property of Sniffapalooza Magazine for the sole purpose of publication for Sniffapalooza Magazine. Articles may be archived for permanent use on the web site for Sniffapalooza Magazine and for future issues. 
All articles remain the property of Sniffapalooza Magazine for display purposes only.

Sniffapalooza Magazine is independently owned and operated by Raphaella Barkley since it's inception in 2006.

2010 FiFi Finalist Breakfast, April 23, 2010 NYC