Oha is the enchanting floral chypre. 

Oha is an evening fragrance that combines the most precious and noble
essences.  Transcending time and space this mysterious perfume will appeal to women with a true personality. A fresh swept of bergamot in harmony with a delicate tea aroma. Voluptuous roses from
Bulgaria and Morocco, jasmine from Egypt, creates its heart of spicy notes enhanced with Guatemala Cardamom. Suddenly, Oha luxuriates in the captivating powdery notes notes of vanilla, iris, tonka bean and
exotic woods lifted by a note of white musk.  Base Notes of Vanilla, Iris, Tonka Bean, Exotic Woods,
White Musk , Middle Notes of Bulgarain Rose, Morrocan, Rose, Jasmine, Cardamom, Top Notes of Bergamot, Tea. Olfactory Family: Floral Chypre

Julia: a delicate floral fruity
Julia is the perfume for all occasions.  It brings to mind a bouquet of impressionist flowers. Both voluptuous
and subtle, Julia is made for vibrant women with a strong love of life.  Firstly, we can distinguish a fresh sparkling dawn of Mandarine from Sicily married to a basis of rhubarb greens and tart blackcurrant. The heart
is tinted with a green note of jasmine, hyacinth and violet. The fragrance finishes on a warm
vapour rising from sandalwood, incense, citrus and a hint of raspberry mellowing into a musk basis.
Base Notes, Sandalwood, Incense, Citrus, Raspberry, Musk, Middle Notes, Jasmine from Egypt, Violet,
Hyacinth, Top Notes Mandarin, Rhubarb, greens, Blackcurrant

Olfactory Family: Fruity Floral

Solid Perfumes
Elegant and long-lasting...

First came solid perfumes… This is why, Téo Cabanel, always true to the great French perfumery tradition, chose to go back to the very origin of perfume andto offer each one of its fragrance in solid form.
Jean-François Latty, the Téo Cabanel perfumer, was asked to capture the three existing fragrances and to deliver them in a gold plated engraved compact. 

Cuddled in its garnet-coloured faux-leather case, the solid Téo Cabanel fragrance fits perfectly into any handbag. It is a practical and deluxe solution for women who like to travel.  Soft to the touch, it will melt on the skin leaving a pleasant powdered sensation. Alcohol free, it is a totally natural product. It is thus suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, and of course it can be wear in the sun without any risk
of stains appearing on the skin.  These solid perfumes have been designed to apply on pulse points, decolleté and bare shoulders, anywhere anytime for subtle highlights.

A refillable jewel, the solid perfume comes with a refill. An attractive gold needle, pinned on the
flap of the case is provided to allow you to flip off the original pan and clasp in the refill.

Oha 2 x 0,07.oz (2x2g) – Suggested public price: 74 €
Julia 2 x 0,07.oz (2x2g) – Suggested public price: 74 €
Alahine 2 x 0,07.oz (2x2g) – Suggested pblic price: 79 €

Alahine: a captivating soft amber

Alahine is a distinguished and alluring perfume which will invite you to the warmth mysterious scents of luxurious oriental palaces.  To create this captivating sensual fragrance, we use only the finest
natural ingredients.

Alahine takes off with a citrusy top note of bergamot and ylang-ylang. The flowery scents of jasmine
and rose are in perfect harmony with spices such as orange tree and pepper plant. Spellbinding and unforgettable, the honeyed rose of Morocco perfectly illustrates the Orient.  The sensuous accent gives way to the way to the sweetness and warmth of iris, cistus, patchouli, benjoin, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

Base Notes, Iris concrete, Cistus, Patchouli, Benzoin, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, Middle Notes, Bulgarain Rose, Morrocan, Orange Tree, Jasmine, Pepper Plant, Top Notes Bergamot, Ylang Ylang

Famille Olfactive: Soft Amber

Téo Cabanel buys their ingredients, create and manufacture our fragrances exclusively in the Grasses Region. Cradle of the perfume industry, Grasses has always been the world fragrance capital.  As such, Grasse has made the deliberate choice of using and promoting natural ingredients in the perfume industry. This is why Téo Cabanel naturally chose to concentrate its creation and composition activity in to natural ingredients.  Laboratoire Monique Rémy, we chose LMR as our supplier for its dedication to producing natural ingredients for the perfume industry. Twenty years in the business has earned LMR a solid reputation for quality: an ideal partner for Téo
Cabanel. A collaboration which reinforces Téo Cabanel’s will to offer only the very best of perfumes made from highly concentrated natural ingredients.
Charrier Parfums.  We have put our trust in Charrier Parfums to produce our concentrates. Well established in the Grasse region for years now, Charrier Parfums is
strongly invested in manufacturing up-market products. It takes years of experience and a sound savoir faire to manufacture products in the true
French Perfume tradition. Steeping alone takes three months. This is a way of respecting our commitment to our discerning customers.

Jean-François Latty our perfumer is also from Grasse. He personally respects every ingredient himself and oversees the production of our fragrances. Only natural products will satisfy Jean-François Latty. This is yet another pledge of quality for Téo Cabanel’s perfumes.

Sniffapalooza Magazine Exclusive Interview
Caroline Ilacqua of Téo Cabanel

Ms. Ilacqua, please tell us about the Téo Cabanel history and company.  I understand it was originally
created in Algiers in the nineteenth century.
It was actually created not too far from Algiers, in Boufarik in 1893 by a French doctor: Théodore Cabanel.
The Cabanel company dedicates itself to creating essences for colognes. It also grows its own orange trees.
Téo Cabanel sets up in Paris in 1908 and soon becomes the Duchess of Windsor’s favorite perfumer.
The brand is highly appreciated by an exclusive clientele. Théodore Cabanel’s daughter then chooses to follow
in her father footsteps in the true craftsman’s tradition of “Maître Parfumeur”. She will be creating perfumes
until the age of 92 years old.

What an incredible history this company had, what led you to it, how did you discover it?
Mrs. Cabanel was the last member of the Cabanel family. She never got married, had no children and was an
only child. She was my mother’s godmother. She considered my mother as a daughter and therefore decided to
donate her the company. As my mother was working in a very different field of activity she gave me the opportunity
to take over the company. I was already very interested in the perfume business as I had been able to immerse
myself to the perfume business while spending time at the Téo Cabanel premises. Starting from the 150 perfume
formulas I inherited, I had to work on new and modern products. I started to work on the packaging and marketing plan.
It is only a few months after that I was introduced to Jean-François Latty a very famous perfumer who created Eau Dynamisante (Clarins); YSL for Men and Jazz (Yves Saint Laurent); Givenchy III as well as many other fragrances for companies like Coty, Van
Cleef & Arpels, etc. He is now our in house-perfumer and is working only for Téo Cabanel.

I understand that the daughter ran the company in the true tradition of “Maître Parfumeur”
after her father’s death. Can you explain to us the linkage between the founder and his daughter?
Mrs. Cabanel was an only child and was the most important thing in Théodore Cabanel’s life. The father and his daughter were very closed. They had a very special relationship. She was spoiled by her father all her life. They were traveling a lot together in order for Théodore Cabanel to find inspiration for the creation of its perfumes. When he died, she decided to not disappoint her father and to follow the true tradition of “Maître Parfumeur”. She did so until she died in 2000 at the age of 92, she was still working. She was not a perfumer herself and lived her whole life on the formulas her father created.  Nevertheless, she was very good at selling and marketing her brand.

I understand that Téo Cabanel was the Duchess of Windsor’s favorite perfumer and was
appreciated by an exclusive clientele of private connoisseurs as well as pharmaceutical
cooperatives and independent pharmacists. Tell us about that.
As I told you before and thanks to the success his creations encountered in Algeria, Théodore
Cabanel decided to come back to Paris in 1908. He opened a store in a very aristocratic
surrounding called “Montmartre”. It was an immediate success. He became highly appreciated
by an exclusive clientele of connoisseurs who were coming to his shop to buy their perfumes as
well as their “extraits de mouchoirs”. He also started to sell its fragrances to pharmaceutical
cooperatives and independent pharmacists. At that time, people were buying their perfumes in
pharmacies when they had no local shops close to their house.

The Duchess of Windsor was in fact a very faithful client for years. She considered Téo Cabanel
as her favorite perfumer. Each time she was in Paris she was ordering litters of two creations of
Théodore Cabanel: Julia & Yasmina.  We still have letters written by her private secretary on
the hotels Ritz or Meurice writing paper.

Obviously you have a great deal of experience in the industry.  Please tell us about
yourself.  Are you also a perfumer?  Actually, I didn’t have much experience in the industry
before working at Téo Cabanel. I took over the company at the age of 22 (5 years ago). Before
that I had been working several months as an account manager for the advertising agency
Ogilvy & Mather in Dublin, Ireland.  But as mentioned before, I had been immersed in the
perfume business from very young.I was spending a lot of time with whom I considered as a
grandmother: Mrs. Cabanel. I learnt a lot with her. I am not a perfumer myself and this is
the reason why we have Jean-François Latty with us. He is the creator of all the Téo Cabanel
perfumes. To date in the industry, very few brands have their own perfumer. This is why we can
consider ourselves as very lucky to work with such an experienced artist and professional as
Jean-François Latty. I am still learning a lot with him. I am giving him the brief for each new perfume we decide to create and he is the one who builds the fragrance. I have always been passionate by the perfume industry. It was then easier for me to learn about fragrances. I spent hours reading books about perfumes and smelling ingredients in order to know how to recognize them!

At the young age of 22 you actually took up the responsibility of re-creating and managing Téo Cabanel and leading it into the future.  You must have felt a great deal of passion for this lost company.  What motivated you to resurrect it?  I couldn’t be indifferent as I have alwaysknown the Cabanel company. It has always been part of my life and the Cabanel were a second family for me! I couldn’t let the company die at the same time as his manager. Moreover we had to perpetrate the sophistication and quality of the French perfume industry. Téo Cabanel has always been working with
qualitative and natural ingredients. Today, most of the fragrances available in perfumeries are not as constructed and qualitative as they were in the 1950s-1960s. Our credo his to offer high quality perfumes which last on the skin. To do so, we take the greatest care in using the finest natural ingredients and the
most unexpected and precious essences.

And you found over 150 perfume formulas from 1893 to develop a new concept for the company? 
So you do have one foot in the past and one in the future, don’t you think?
We definitely cannot deny such a long history. We get the inspiration from the creations of Théodore Cabanel.
The quality of the products that were created by the Cabanel family is also key for us. They always remind us
that we have to offer extremely qualitative fragrances and packagings to our clientele. This is what real perfumery
is all about! You know, tradition and creation always go hand in hand. Téo Cabanel, always true to its heritage,
moved toward fully elaborated and modern perfumes. These new creations remain true to our original values: quality, elegance and generous natural ingredients.

Please tell us how you met up with perfumer Jean-François Latty and what happened from there?
When I inherited from Téo Cabanel I did not know if it was still possible to produce some of the formulas created by Mr Cabanel. I then decided to go to Grasse (the world capital of natural ingredients). There I met a very important woman called Monique Rémy. She created, in Grasse in the 1960s, a company specialized in natural ingredients. She was immediately seduced by the Cabanel history and introduced me to Jean-François Latty. I went to Jean-François’ place to let him know about Téo Cabanel. He explained me that he had stopped working a few years before as he was fed up creating low quality perfumes. Nevertheless, he immediately told me that he would be pleased to work for “such a brand”: a brand which was willing to create perfumes without financial constraints and using natural ingredients. We are using a minimum of 45 ingredients to create one perfume. This is huge if you consider that most of the brands are using between 5 and 15 ingredients per perfume! We started to work together on Oha and Julia the week after!

Please tell us more about Jean-François Latty.
Jean-François Latty took his first step into the world of perfumery in 1965 when he entered a very famous perfumery school in Grasse. 3 years after he started to create its first perfumes: Givenchy III, Drakkar (Duy Laroche), YSL for Men (Yves Saint Laurent). IIn 1971, he was hired by IFF where he created Portos (Balenciaga), Estivalia (Puig), Eau Dynamisante (Clarins), etc. In 1987 he left IFF for Takasago where he soon created Jazz (YSL), Universo and Avatar (Coty), Love Story (Ferraud), Backgroung (Jil Sanders), Tsar (Van Cleef), 360 (Perry Ellis). In 2000 he founded his company specialized in perfume creation and selling natural ingredients. He then stopped working until I met him and presented it Téo Cabanel.

Jean-François Latty and you are to be congratulated as you truly have taken the tradition of French perfumery and highest quality of natural ingredients and have turned them into stunning fragrances with a modern and beautiful twist.  What were some of the challenges in accomplishing that?

What is the most popular fragrance in the Téo Cabanel line?
It varies from one country to another and even one city to another. It can also vary from one season to another so I don’t think we really have a most popular fragrance! We tried to create fragrances that are very different from one another in order to be able to answer the needs of any woman. Julia for instance is highly appreciated for its floral and fruity notes. Oha and Alahine are more powdery. Oha is a very special fragrance. It is in fact very difficult to create a floral chypre as it is usually an olfactory family more targeted to men. It requires a great deal of experience to create a feminine chypre like Oha. To create Alahine we are using the finest natural ingredients. It is a very rich fragrance that combines up-market ingredients such as: rose, iris wax, bezoin, jasmine, etc.

I understand that only natural ingredients are used in the fragrances, please tell us about that.
We tell our clients the truth. Today, it is impossible to create a fragrance with only natural ingredients. Téo Cabanel is using a maximum of natural ingredients. Nevertheless, a perfume cannot be well created without ingredients such as musk and amber. These ingredients are of animal origin and are now prohibited. This is the reason why perfumers had to replace them with synthetic molecules. We use between 85% and 95% of natural ingredients to create our perfumes. Téo Cabanel’s signature is to use 2 different types of roses: Bulgarian and Moroccan rose. We are one of the only brands to use two roses in a perfume. Natural ingredients are very expensive but give to the perfumes an incredible quality. Some of the ingredients we use:

Rose – approximately 8000€/kg – we need 5000 kg of petals to produce 1kg of essence.
Iris wax – the most expensive ingredient: between 10 000€ and 15 000€
Bezoin: 7000€/kg
Jasmine – one of the most delicate flower – only 5 to 6 tons of essence are produced per year which explains the price: between 6 000 € and 8 000 €/kg.

Caroline, please us about the newest fragrance Meloe that was just released. I had the opportunity to smell this and it is a gorgeous fragrance.   Méloé is a fresh, green and fruity fragrance. It is very elegant perfume that we created both for summer and winter. It is inspired by the orange tree that the Cabanel were growing in Algeria. Méloé was the name of Théodore Cabanel’s wife: Méloé Cabanel. The fragrance generously draws its top notes from citrus and spices. Bergamot from Calabria, mandarin and lemon from Sicily, lavender and basil play their part in perfect harmony. The sparkling citrus notes linger until a dainty floral bouquet of Neroli from Tunisia, orange blossom and jasmine with just a touch of nutmeg comes to full bloom to make up the heart notes. Sensual base notes of musk, amber and just a hint of woody create its trail! Méloé is a modern  and mysterious fragrance perfect for all occasions.

Please tell us about the amazing solid perfumes of Téo Cabanel.
First came solid perfumes… This is why we decided to go back to the very origin of perfume and to offer each one of our eaux de parfum in solid form. Jean-François Latty very well captured the three existing fragrances to deliver them in a gold plated engraved compact. Cuddled in its garnet-coloured faux-leather case, the solid Téo Cabanel fragrance fits perfectly in any handbag. It is a practical and deluxe solution for women who like to travel. Soft to the touch, it melts on the skin. It is also alcohol free and totally natural. It is thus suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, and of course it can be wear in the sun without any risk of stains appearing on the skin. The solid perfumes have to be apply on pulse points, on the flat of your wrist, behind your ear and in a low neck line. The product comes with a refill. A gold needle is pinned on the flap of the case and allows you to flip off the original pan and clasp in the refill.

Caroline, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us.  We at Sniffapalooza Magazine are honored and we truly wish you and the Téo Cabanel company great success.

Reviews next issue! Téo Cabanel fragrances available at Henri Bendel.


images courtesy of Teo Cabanel. All rights reserved. Images not to be used without permission. 2008
Téo Cabanel
Henri Bendel

Sniffapalooza Magazine Exclusive Interview
Caroline Ilacqua of Téo Cabanel

The newest fragrance from Téo Cabanel is Méloé.

In the heat of long-awaited summer days, the Méloé woman has found a fresh haven. Her elegant summer signature is underlined by her light, green, fruity eau de parfum.

Méloé’s Epicurian symphony generously draws its top notes from citrus and spices. Bergamot from Calabria, mandarin and lemon from Sicily, lavender and basil play their part in perfect harmony. !e sparkling citrus notes linger until a dainty "oral bouquet of Neroli from Tunisia, orange blossom and jasmine with just a touch of nutmeg comes to full bloom to make up the heart notes. Unexpected sensual base notes of musk, amber and just a hint of woody notes. Lavish elegance and mystery, Méloé: the modern woman in you.

Téo Cabanel is defined as a rich sensual experience with a unique personal touch. We invite our clients to experience a world of original scents in the true French perfume tradition, to rediscover the concept total sophistication. We take the greatest care in offering high quality products. The name Téo Cabanel is a promise of the quality of our essences and the elegance of our bottles and packaging.  Our perfumes deserve the finest natural elements, 100% pure and natural. Only the most unexpected and precious essences inspire the Téo Cabanel creations.

To create the best perfume, we need the best experts. Jean-François Latty, an authority in high quality perfumes, creates our fragrances. Téo Cabanel: a rich sensual experience with a unique personal touch.

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