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at Seppie's restaurant
discussing his new book
The Perfect Scent


Perfume critic and journalist Chandler Burr to present series
of “scent dinners” as part of a travelers’ lecture series.

Context, the network of scholars and other experts who lead walking tours of
major world cities, will host a series of “scent dinners” with noted perfume
critic Chandler Burr as part of their “Out of Context” series of site-visits,
lectures, and special programs. Combining taste and smell with a
fascinating discussion of perfume history, chemistry, and politics, the events
will explore the intoxicating relationship between some of the
world’s greatest scents and some of her greatest cities.

“Chandler Burr has the uncanny ability to unfold something as
seemingly silly and ephemeral and perfume in such a way that you
see the complexity of human endeavor and aspiration” says Context
founder Paul Bennett. “We’re thrilled to have him join our network and
apply his unique lens to understanding and appreciating some of the
greatest cities in the world.

The series begins on June 5 in Paris, with a dinner organized in
conjunction with the historic Left Bank restaurant, Laperouse.
Working with chef Samuel Benne, Burr will design a gastronomic
and olfactory experience that explores the intimate relationship
between Paris and the perfumes it has created—arguably the best
and most important perfumes in history. This will be followed by a
second event in Rome on June 10, at the enoteca Casa Bleve,
located in part of the ancient bath complex of Agrippa, where Burr
will look at perfumes that evoke the Italian landscape. And, finally,
the series concludes with a special event at the Palazzo Tornabuoni
in Florence on June 11.

Each evening begins with a discussion of perfume, its history and aesthetics.
Burr introduces the fundamental idea that perfumes, like architecture, or a chair, or a dress,  are designed and thus can be analyzed and broken down into their constituent parts. Working with a category of perfumes known as culinary perfumes —that is, perfumes that are made from such edible sources as spices, herbs, fruit, chocolates and teas—Burr then begins deconstructing certain perfumes for the group, passing around samples of the perfume itself or its component parts to allow participants to “rebuild” the perfume themselves. For example, Burr might explain how Thierry Mugler's megahit Angels was designed to evoke an amusement park, and then pass around the molecule ethyl maltol, which is what one tastes and smella when eating cotton candy.

In the Paris and Florence events, each perfume will be coupled to a dish designed by the chef in a way that expounds on these themes and ideas, allowing the participants to more fully understand the total olfactory and gastronomic structure of what they’re sampling.

The events are programmed as part of Context’s “Out of Context” series. This is a series of special lectures, site-visits, and thematic dinners that explore the great cities of the world in new and inventive ways. The series runs through the spring and summer, and again in the fall and winter.  Chandler Burr is The New York Times’ perfume critic and author of several books. His latest is The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris & New York (Henry Holt, January 2008). He speaks around the world on scent and perfume and hosts interactive masterclasses in gourmand scents.

Founded by National Geographic writer Paul Bennett and Lani Bevacqua, Context is a network of English-speaking scholars and professionals—including art historians, writers, architects, and gastronomes—who organize and lead didactic walking seminars
in seven cities: Paris, New York, London, Rome, Naples, Florence, Paris, and Venice.

In May 2007, Travel + Leisure named Context one of the top European tour companies for its innovative approach to travel and the depth of its programs. To learn more about Context
visit its website at:

Here is a link to a website posting a write up
Contact: Paul Bennett, +1 888-467-1986, +3906 482 0911, or

Kingsbury Fragrances
Scented Très Bon Sandalwood Fans

Our beautiful and dear friend Dorothy McCall is up to it again. Not only does she make beautiful perfumes, soaps and body crèmes, she now has just made gorgeous sandlewood fans that are heavily scented with the incredible Très Bon parfum that she created in Grasse.

Dorothy explains "In honor of Mother’s Day, Kingsbury Fragrances is launching a limited edition of distinctive sandalwood fans embossed with traditional Chinese painting motifs of dragons or flowers. Très Bon, my signature fragrance, perfumes these fans.

Created in the classic tradition of French perfumery in Grasse, France, Très Bon is a fresh green woody floral that perfectly complements these 9” sandalwood fans which fully unfolds to 16”. These fans are great gifts for any woman to use with a stand to help perfume a small space, to cool oneself on a warm day or when having a hot flash!

Très Bon contains fresh top notes of mountain lavender, hesperides and rose de mai. The green heart is graced by ivy, pinewoods, fruity carnation, rose petals and muguet.

Finally, the rich warm base notes contains moss, orris, amber, musk, vanilla, and more green woods blending beautifully with the sandalwood scent.

To create these limited edition fans, each fan was painstakingly brushed by hand with Très Bon to saturate the wood then individually wrapped to seal the fragrance and allowed to mature for six weeks."

A luxury item at an economical price $35 or $40 with the stand. Shipping and handling are separate.

Contact Dorothy McCall at

You can also view reviews on her web site.

If you have not read our interview with Dr. Dorothy McCall, please view here.

Dorothy has generously donated two of these fans for the "Sniffapalooza Magzine Raffle" at Sunday's luncheons at the Country Cafe for the upcoming Sniffapalooza Spring Fling! 


Sniffapalooza Magazine, an on-line international fragrance and perfume magazine, offers this fragrant collection of jazz music for your listening pleasure!

Viva La Sniffa Baby!

Vol. 2

Sniffapalooza Magazine, an on-line international fragrance and perfume magazine, offers this fragrant collection of jazz music for your listening pleasure!

Viva La Sniffa Baby!
artwork by Kathy Patterson

Isabelle Aurel of Desire in Sunlight Perfumes

Sniffapalooza will be serving Fragranced Chocolate Sauce, created and donated by perfumer Isabelle Aurel of Desire in Sunlight Perfumes.

Sample the delicious Chocolate Jasmine and Chocolate Lemongrass at Seppie's restaurant! Isabelle is also an accomplished perfumer and look for an interview in Sniffapalooza Magazine coming up. 

Juvy Santos has written a review of the perfumed Chocolate sauce just for this event. (see review below)

Isabella wrote to us since she could not attend the Spring Fling but we are all invited to taste her perfumed chocolate at the event.. .

"Forms of aromatic traces swirled and delicately folded into delicious melted chocolat... for the sultry, hip party woman and the cravat wearing man this is the dessert to serve your guests... Jasmin is a rich floral, opulent, familiar yet surprising, glorious yet approachable.  For the eclectic taste bud, Lemongrass is an exhilarating fresh presence, sparkling amidst the velvet chocolat.

Be imaginative, be genuine, surrender to the taste sensation, pour it on, life is beautiful with chocolat parfume!  surprise your lover, a first date, pair it with exquisite style at your soiree, make your memory connection one of intense poetry and powerful fun, Chocolat Parfume is for now, uplifting spirits and drawing friends and family close together.

For the fortunate ones, Jasmin and Lemongrass are offered for tasting at the Saturday Luncheon of the Sniffapalooza Spring Fling. 

Chocolat Parfume orders will be taken to ship by April 22nd.  Please note:  Subsequent orders will ship after July 1st!!! "

merci beaucoup, Isabelle Aurel Serrante

Bond. No. 9
Andy Warhol Union Square
Kathy Patterson

Notes: lily of the valley, green stem notes, freesia, white birchwood, amber, silver-cloud musk accord

The second in Bond No. 9’s series of Andy Warhol-inspired scents is a scrumptious green floral.  “My favorite smell is the first smell of spring in New York,” Warhol once said.  That elusive scent, of greening trees and spring flowers amid the concrete and steel is present in Union Square.  There’s a bright floral note, strong but not overpowering or cloying, and lots of green.  But not the green of grass or trees; definitely the green of stems.  Perhaps stems that have been submerged in a vase of water, for there is an unusual watery quality in Union Square.  I say unusual, as it’s not quite the typical marine or aquatic note but a gentler variety, non-salinated scent.

The floral opening never quite disappears.  There is a hint of woods and amber to round out the scent, and lots of very light musk at the end.

Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Union Square is a bright, cheerful floral that should make lots of people happy this spring and beyond.  I predict it will be a big hit.

Union Station and more Bond. No. 9 here...

Chocolat Parfumee:
Lemongrass, Tuberose,
and Frankincense

Fragranced Chocolate Sauce
Isabelle Aurel of Desire in Sunlight Perfumes

by Juvy Santos

I am a chocolate addict. Chocolate—good chocolate—has the
ability to haunt me for days.  The package was innocuous—
normal white box, FedEx label, elegantly packaged jars
in turquoise and gold in bubble wrap.

The chocolat lies inside, inert, until you warm those jars
gently in a warm water bath.

Contrary to expectations, one does not immediately smell the lemongrass, tuberose, frankincense merely by sniffing the sauce. Rather, the scent is experienced on the palate as a taste. Ya gotta put the stuff in your mouth.

And then! Oh, and then…all your expectations of an ordinary experience are shattered into smithereens. Now, mind you, I consider myself an experienced chocolate consumer. "Perfumed chocolate?" I thought, "Hmm, I've had stuff like this before."

The gourmet chocolate market is, after all, peppered here and there with lavender-infused chocolate, orange-blossom, violet, rose, and even bergamot in the form of Earl Grey.

And yet, Isabelle's chocolate stands on its own. Perhaps it's the structure,
the method of delivery. Where other manufacturers (and Isabelle is not a
manufacturer—she's an artisan/artist, and her chocolate's made like that)
deliver scented ingredients in a bar, Isabelle offers a warmed, sensuous
chocolate sauce. The scent permeates your senses as soon as you put
that spoon in—it does not require the act of melting the solid chocolate
in your mouth the way a bar does.

Lemongrass was, well, orgasmic. I associate lemongrass with Thai cuisine,
an underlying flavor that lies at the heart of so many of that culture's dishes.
I'm not exactly sure what I expected with the Lemongrass Chocolat, but it
was surprisingly subtle, gentle, nuanced—and yet assertive. The flavor was
neither overpowering nor synthetic-tasting. Perhaps I feared it would taste tart,
the way a lemon cream chocolate does, or that the ingredients would jar against
each other in competition. What met my tongue was exotic—the richness of
chocolate in synergy with the lemongrass flavor, perhaps a hint of coconut
creaminess and ginger tang. There are warm nights in the tropic heat waiting
in that jar, I swear it, and perhaps a temple as well. And this chocolat would
seriously complement a southeast-Asian meal, perhaps on top of a sticky-
rice-and-mango dessert, or a coconut ice cream, or, if you're me, just by
itself in a little bowl.

The Tuberose chocolat was less pronounced, less 'obviously' tuberose than
the Lemongrass. In this iteration, Isabelle tucks that tuberose into the heart
of the chocolate. The floral aftertaste, though, lingers in your mouth after the
sweetness of the chocolate's dissipated. It almost tastes the way the color
purple looks. Now, white floral lovers should be cautioned: this ISN'T like
spraying Fracas into your mouth, and, say, gargling with it. Rather, it's the
gourmet equivalent of passing by blooming tuberose in the night.

And finally, my favorite…the Frankincense. Frankincense, you ask? Is that even safe? It's not a terribly well-kept secret that I love incense, the ouds, the woods. I love it when my food and my perfume pushes the envelope, and I love it when one of my favorite perfume notes finds it way into one of my favorite foods.

Unlike the lemongrass and the tuberose, or even rose, lavender, and jasmine,
frankincense isn't a flower, it isn't something that's intuitively organic. You'd never
think about eating frankincense, would you? Ever consider munching on those
lumps of resin? Definitely not the same way you'd think of eating a curry flavored
with lemongrass, right? Or a tea scented with jasmine?

But…there is something divine in frankincense-scented chocolate. This resin has
been used by humans for thousands of years in incense and perfumery, offered to
our gods, infiltrated our collective cultural consciousness.

This isn't like the Tuberose, with only the vague suggestion of the scent enfolded
in its heart, and it's definitely not like the Lemongrass, whose likeability is
unquestioned. Frankincense brings out the darkness in chocolate. I loved the
taste of it—an earthy, almost bitter tang, and then…the aftertaste, the ghost of
smoke, of incense, almost a kiss from a god. You breathe it after you taste it.

Now, I'm sure it won't be Isabelle's top seller. I don't think it's even in her stable of regular scented Chocolat. It's definitely idiosyncratic, definitely different.

Perhaps if you're a fan of Commes des Garcons' Avignon, or of Messe de Minuit, you would find an affinity to it. But more than the other two I've sampled, it truly was a 'scented chocolate,' and all the more unusual for its daring inclusion of frankincense into the mix.

I'd like to see Vosges, or Dagoba, or Knipschildt Chocolatier, or any other of the haute chocolateries top that.

by Lorenzo Siena

Lorenzo Siena Fragrances was formed in 2006. 
I had always been fascinated with fragrances
and scents since my early teenage years and
actually developed “Palio” years ago. It was
one of those things where you experiment
and come up with your own “personal” fragrance,
however, the accolades were immediate and,
honestly, quite surprising to me.  People
(strangers) started asking me “what I was wearing,”
the name, and where they could obtain it.
At this point, the project began to “take on”
a life of its own. Keep in mind, I do not claim to
be an “alchemist” nor a “perfumer” per se, but I
am a businessman with a “good sense for scent.”
Thus I decided to embark on this journey of
producing “Palio for Men.”  With that, as
stated, my company was born in late 2006,
but the journey had begun many years earlier.

The “long and winding road” led to several meetings with business executives who liked my cologne but told me it was impossible to “break into” the business which was why I was so recently intrigued by Chandler Burr’s excellent examination of the fragrance business in his expose′ The Perfect Scent since it brought back many of my own recollections and experiences.

My wife and I have traveled extensively over the
years and had always found time while touring to
visit the European fragrance houses both large and
small. I collected many ideas about fragrance while
there. “Palio for Men” actually had its birth, in name
anyway, after visiting the beautiful Tuscan city of
Siena, Italy from which my surname is derived.
The city is divided into seventeen (17)
“contradas” or “districts,”… seventeen
(17) being their lucky number. I was so
impressed by the beauty and serenity of
this classical place which is “frozen in time”
that I decided to name my “first launch”
after a medieval event that has been held
there since the early 1100’s and continues
to this day, “Il Palio Di Siena,” a race known
all over Europe. Palio is loosely translated
as the “Winner” or “Prize” of Siena.”

I wanted to incorporate the “softness” of the
Tuscan countryside with the “excitement” of
this medieval race to produce a cologne that
is distinctive and unique with something I like
to describe as “memory recall.”  Once you
come in contact with Palio, you are not
likely to forget it… a truly memorable
experience. I wanted something that
would “transcend time” which soon became our “ by- line
” I wanted a men’s cologne that had “staying power.” 
I wanted a true Classic!  Some have described it as
“woody” but “soft,” even “powdery” but most definitely
“masculine” which was what I really wanted to achieve. Since the “Top Notes”
are perceived immediately upon application, I used citrus sparkles, fresh
ineapple, ivy greens, and mint leaf. These lighter molecules generally are
designed to evaporate quickly but definitely form the “first impression.”

The Mid Notes ideally emerge just prior to the dissipation of the top notes.
These are the heart of any fragrance. Here I employed iced lavender, rose,
muguet, and star jasmine. The Base Notes giving it depth and solidity are
sandalwood, patchouli, and white musk.  These base notes give Palio the
boost and depth I wanted since they are heavier molecules; these emerge
and last longer during the “dry down period.” Certain base notes in Palio
can be detected as late as twenty four hours after application.

Everything about Palio is designed to evoke the magnificence of this
classic scent from the design of the artwork on the label and packaging
to the structure of our bottle and atomizer. The “elegant, safe, easy to
grip” bottle design is a classic in itself. Our bottle does not employ
an inexpensive “crimped sprayer,” but rather a beautifully designed
“removable” and “reusable” atomizer stylishly integrated with our
“cut glass” bottle. We are extremely environmentally friendly.
Palio is “clear” and does not contain any coloration.

Since Palio for Men is our first release, many have asked me what is
next. Well, all I am at liberty to say at this point is that there is a follow up
for men called “Palio Gold” which is nearly completed and yes, I am
presently working on “Lady Palio” and hope to have that ready shortly.

It’s funny. I received a call some time ago from the manager of
my packaging company who (at the time) was about to ship
my first order of just a few thousand bottles. He was concerned.
He found that he had a total of 117 boxes of Palio and that
each box, no matter what the configuration, would only hold
17 bottles , an odd number. HMMM. He wanted to know if I
desired any change in the packaging for inventory purposes.
I smiled and told him not to worry. It was probably just a
coincidence; my birthday is the 17th of May. He laughed
and continued shipping.

I am very happy to be attending the Sniffalpalooza
Spring Event in New York City this April and am looking
forward to meeting so many of our fellow fragrance lovers.
I will have some samples of Palio for everyone and special
Sniffapalooza pricing for anyone who may be interested
in this new Men’s cologne.

Our web site is up and running and for those who cannot be
at our Sniffapalooza New York City event, you may email
Customer Service or me personally at: for special
pricing and ordering instructions.

Please be sure to state in your email that you read about this in Sniffapalooza Magazine to obtain the special pricing. Best Wishes to all……….


Lee Cuthbert, founder of IntelliScents, presenting his innovative new way to sample fragrance. Lee also has a fragrance game for us, with prizes supplied by the Estee Lauder Company!

IntelliScents, LLC teams up with Coty, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder to
develop the DemoScenter™ a unique fragrance sampling display at Target
and Wal-Mart stores

March 15, 2008:  In a 50 store test at a top U.S. retailer in 2007, the
DemoScenter™ more than doubled sales for 10 promoted fragrances
driving $25,000 of incremental sales per store in a three month period
versus stores that did not deploy the DemoScenter™ 
The DemoScenter™ developed by IntelliScents, LLC uses the
ScentPak™ tethered to a retail display to deliver a sample of any
fragrance without the use of tester bottles.

The ScentPak™ uses a fragrance’s derivative oil to infuse a blotter
inside the ScentPak’s™ patented hollow inner envelope/tube structure.
The ScentPak’s™ design prevents evaporation of that scented blotter
core to deliver over 50,000 squeezes to passing shoppers.

Since there is no overbearing smell of the alcohol diluent, the consumer
can sample one fragrance after another without confusion. It is also the
only sampling method that delivers all of a fragrance’s accords instead of just the top note.

So Coty, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder partnered with IntelliScents to bring the DemoScenter™ to a select number of Wal-Mart stores and 400 Target stores across the U.S. in early 2008.  Dr. Leslie C. Smith, Vice President Fragrance Technology at Coty said of the in-store unit, "Initial consumer tests of the ScentPak have exceeded our expectations. We feel that the ScentPak will revolutionize retail product sampling and we are confident that it will significantly boost sales of our fine fragrances.”

IntelliScents, LLC is a scent technology firm based
in San Francisco, CA. Lee Cuthbert, President and
Chief Innovation Officer, invented the ScentPak™ in
2001 and received a patent for his technology in 2004
and has additional patents pending.  IntelliScents
has worked with a number of manufacturers and
retailers including Chanel, Procter & Gamble,
Unilever, S.C. Johnson, Bloomingdales and
Tommy Bahama and the Four Seasons Spa at
their Papagayo Peninsula location.

IntelliScents has developed an application for dog
reward and attention focus called the Scent Treat® 
A product line under the Aromatherapy-To-Go name
will offer consumers the ability to take the therapeutic
and energizing benefits of aromatherapy with them in
a convenient, air-based form. A portion of IntelliScents’
profits will be donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind in
San Rafael, CA.

Prior to founding IntelliScents he served as vice
president of business development for Consumer Product Innovations,
which creates and produces
scented personal care and household products for specialty retailers.
Previously, he was vice president of business development at
ScentAir Technologies, which markets an environmental scent device
for use in a wide variety of retail applications. He is active in a number
of sports and is a regular volunteer at Guide Dogs for the Blind and
Disabled Sports USA Far West.

Lee Cuthbert
Phone: 415-235-2210  Email:
Sniffapalooza Magazine exclusive
Floris United States closes it's doors

April 3, 2008

Dear Sniffapalooza friends,

I'm sure many of you have seen or heard the numerous comments on the various blogging sites concerning Floris pulling their product line from the United States.   In fact, this is true and we have officially closed our doors as of March 31, 2008. 

London decided in December to close the corporate offices in the United States and to pull the product from the United States market.   Because I love the Floris products myself and have developed a heartfelt need to represent this brand, I worked to bring about a new partnership with Mitch Diehl of Londons Bathecary in Virginia.    Londons Bathecary ( will now act as the distributor.   I will still be handling the
growth of the product line to retail stores throughout
the United States marketplace.   The 800-5-Floris
telephone number will still connect to our offices
and we'll gladly help you purchase your favorite
product.   {In fact, if you have a favorite specialty
boutique you would like to see the product at
locally, please e-mail me at, and I will contact
the boutique owner and see if we can get the
product closer to you.}

In this transition period, certain fragrances
are being discontinued (both by London and by
Londons). The fragrances that are being
discontinued are Florissa, Gardenia, Stephanotis,
Rose Geranium and the Natural Benefits line. 
All body creams and silken dusting powders
are also being discontinued. By the end of the year,
Lavender and China Rose will also be discontinued.

The good news is that No. 89 will now be a full
product line for the men.  {Even though I know
numerous women who love to wear the
James Bond fragrance as well.}   We are expecting the delivery of No. 89 to be delivered just in time for Father's Day.  I will make sure that I keep everyone informed.

An added note:  Floris of London has hired an in-house perfumer (bespoke perfumer) to create your own personal fragrance.

So if you are ever on Jermyn Street in London, please stop by and have a bespoke perfume designed just for you.   You can even have a Signature eau de parfum with certificate of provenance created for £2,500.

I would like to thank each of the Sniffapalooza friends who have been faithful followers and lovers of Floris.   And I look forward to a continued relationship with each and every one of you.  I look forward to seeing you at the Spring Event next weekend.

Best wishes always,

Debra Courtright
CFO/National Sales Manager

Christopher Brosius
CB I Hate Perfume

The newest scent by Christopher Brosius is called Fire From Heaven. This is the third scent in his series of primal smells.  From his website "Smoke represents perhaps the most important aspect of perfume – its beginning. Even its modern name is derived from an antique term that means “to smoke through”.  Fire From Heaven is blended from classic ancient incenses: Frankincense, Myrrh, Opopanax, Cedar, Sandalwood, Styrax & Labdanum. But the perfume’s scent is subtle. Fire From Heaven is the memory of smoke...
“Scent is Life.” by Christopher Brosius

And so it is. We live because we breathe and with each breath, we smell. This is inevitable. The Sense of Smell is our first and most immediate link to the world around us. It reminds us of what (and who) we love. Smell is perhaps the most complex sense we possess and possibly this is why it is the least understood and most often taken for granted… Yet we also know, that none of the other senses can touch us so profoundly as scent. Not even music can stir the mind & heart so powerfully as one tiny whiff. Scent is always individual. Your sense of smell is one of the most unique things about you – more individual than your fingerprints, than the shape of your ear, than the pattern of your retina. Your sense of smell is one of the most important factors that defines you as YOU. The way you respond to any scent is unlike anyone else’s – no one remembers what you do, no one feels what you feel. There is a reason you remember certain scents so fondly – it’s the way nature designed you. Scent is the record of your own special life – it’s your experience. My mission is to capture that experience. I bottle it so you can have it, use it and love it
whenever you wish. I can give you scent experiences you never dreamed
possible. I create perfumes as unique & individual as those who wear
them. And I use a great many scents never before thought of as
“perfume”. But I know these are just the scents that really hit us where
we live – they’re the ones we remember and love. These scents are life.

To

Christopher Brosius is a sponsor of the Sniffapalooza Magazine raffle!
Sniffapalooza Spring Fling
New York City

In just TWO SHORT WEEKS, fragrance lovers
from around the globe will be gathering in NYC
for the most spectacular fragrance event of the
season, the ultra-fabulous Sniffapalooza Spring Fling!

For those who are just joining the Sniffapalooza
family, the Sniffapalooza Spring Fling is an entire
weekend crammed full of olfactory and multi-sensory
experiences. You'll come away from the weekend
with new knowledge, new friends, lots of new goodies,
and a new perspective on a fragrant life. There's
nothing else like it on the planet!

This year's event will be Saturday, April 12 -
Sunday, April 13. As always, Saturday will be our
*Uptown* day, and Sunday will be our *Downtown* day.
Just a few spaces remain for each day, so if you love
fragrance and want to have the greatest weekend of
your life, please sign up as soon as possible!

Here's what we've got on the roster so far, and we're continuing to work on more surprises, right up to the last minute!


At BERGDORF GOODMAN, it is our pleasure to present:

- Perfumer Kilian Hennessy, with his By Kilian incredible new candle line. Sniffapalooza gets first sniff!

- Sonia Ciliberti of Guerlain, who will be presenting Guerlain's newest creations and limited editions, including Cruel Gardenia.

- Dovanna Pagowsky, treating us to Acqua di Parma's latest release, Mirto, and the exclusive Resort Collection.

- Ineke Ruhland, sharing her inspirations as a perfumer and showing her collection.

- Tom Crutchfield, presenting Etro, Asprey, and Annick Goutal, including  the exclusive Petite Cherie collection.

- Christy Carlin of Jo Malone, introducing the collection.

- Sandi Burrows of Serge Lutens, premiering Bois de Violette exclusively at >Bergdorf Goodman.

- Theresa Dickinson of Creed, sharing Creed's exquisite new atomizers with us.

- Jane Hendler & Rex Rombach, founders, teaching us about Ajne's new demi-blending.

- Michael Fabiani of Clive Christian, presenting the collection, and offering special samples.

- Maree Damm of YSL, debuting Elle for us.

- Joe Garces of Parfums Robert Piguet, celebrating the 60th
anniversary of Fracas!

- Annie Cafasso, premiering cult-favorite 10 Corso Como.

- Janel Bucina of Chanel, introducing the latest addition to Les Exclusifs,

- Mona di Orio, creator of Mona di Orio, sharing her collection and giving
us a look into her creative process.

- John Bain of Selective Beauty, presenting the new Perles de Lalique.

- A representative from Dr. Vranjes/Antica Faramcista, teaching us about
the collection.

In addition, there will be reps present from Estee Lauder, Tom Ford
(with a special sample for us!), L'Artisan, Hermes, JAR, Lisa Hoffman
Variations, many skincare and color cosmetics lines, and there will be
plenty of makeup artists on hand for makeovers. We will also have that famous raffle basket!

**Special BG Promotion for Sniffapalooza: $25 off $100 purchase on the Beauty Level!!!

***Please Note: Space for the breakfast at Bergdorf Goodman from 8:15 -10:00am, which is limited to 65 persons due to fire-code laws, has completely sold out. If you have not gotten a seat at the breakfast, you may come at 10:00am and get to meet all the speakers and special guests, and, of course, carry away the legendary BG gift bag! We encourage you to join our BG Breakfast Waiting List, as there is often movement in the week of the event. We will remain at BG until 12:15pm so you'll have plenty of time to sniff and chat!

At our luncheon at SEPPI'S, 12:30 - 2:30pm, we are pleased to have you meet: - Chandler Burr, fragrance critic for The New York Times and author of The Emperor of Scent and the newly released The Perfect Scent.

- Miryana Babic of i Profumi di Firenze, debuting new launches!

- Symine Salimpour, creator of Shiloh Perfume, sharing her creative vision with us.

- Lee Cuthbert, founder of IntelliScents, presenting his innovative new way to sample fragrance. Lee also has a fragrance game for us, with prizes supplied by the Estee Lauder Company!

- Marlen Harrison, founder and editor of

- Raphaella Brescia, editor of Sniffapalooza Magazine, with special surprises!

We will also be serving Fragranced Chocolate Sauce, created by perfumer Isabell Aurel of Desire in Sunlight Perfumes. Sample Chocolate Jasmine and Chocolate Lemongrass!

At TAKASHIMAYA, 2:45 - 4:00pm, we are excited to present to you:

- Ulrich Lang, creative force of Anvers and Anvers II.

- Montgomery Taylor presenting Ambre di Venezia, Parallel & Calibration.

- Perfumer YOSH Han, treating us to her extraordinary line.

- Marjorie Kitzrow, the creator of Summersent, sharing her fragrance

- Neil Morris, perfumer of Neil Morris Fragrances, presenting his collection.

- Ineke Ruhland premiering Evening Edged in Gold.

- Representatives will also be on hand from Septimanie, This Works,
Santa Maria Novella, Lorenzo Villoresi, The Different Company, Divine,
Carthusia, and many others.

**Special Takashimaya Promotion for Sniffapalooza: $25 off $100

At HENRI BENDEL, 4:15 - 5:30pm, it is our honor for you to meet:

- Perfumer Isabela Capeto, presenting her new fragrances.

- Nicolas Chabert, founder of Parfums Grasse 06130, sharing the collection.

- Representatives from L'Artisan, Caron, Privet Bloom, Be.becker, Memoire
Liquide, Smiley, Theo Cabanell, Mandy Aftel, Etat Libre d'Orange and many others.

**Special Bendel Gift With Purchase for Sniffapalooza, and an incredible raffle basket worth $2,000!

At BLUMERCURY SPA, 6:30 - 8:30pm, we will be treated to a cocktail reception with special guests! Have a cool drink, a nibble, and please meet:

- Yael Alkalay, founder of Red Flower, as she presents her philosophy of organic beauty and she debuts her new organic fragrance.

- Representatives from Darphin, Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, REN, Laura Mercier, and many more of the 50+ brands that blumercury carries!


At BOND No. 9, 10:00 - 11:30am, please join us for a breakfast nibble,
and sample "Union Square," the newest addition to the line.

**Special Bond 15% discount on all purchases for Sniffapalooza, and get
your fabulous gift bag!

OPEN HOUSE all day at from 11:00am - 5:00pm at LE LABO. Meet Bo-Jade
and the team, and have your purchase custom-labeled!

At LAFCO NY, 11:45am - 1:00pm, please meet creative team Jon Bresler
& Segen Scott, who will present their many fragrance & home lines.

**Special Lafco 20% discount on all purchases for Sniffapalooza, and
come away with samples!

At our luncheon at COUNTRY CAFE, we are pleased to present:

- Debra Courtright of Floris of London showing the collection.

- Rapahella Brescia of Sniffapalooza Magazine with a special raffle!

- Perfumer Larry Siena presenting his new fragrance, Palio.

- Perfumer Sarah Barton-King of The Pink Room, sharing her creations with us.

- Christopher Voigt, editor of, a blog about fragrance, food, wine, and other sensory delights.

**Please note: Due to the size of the group, there will be two seatings for lunch. While the first seating dines, the second seating can linger longer at the earlier shops, and will visit L'Artisan Parfumeur, which is right across the street. While the second seating dines, the first seating will visit L'Artisan Parfumeur and can get a head start on our next venue, Aedes de Venustas.

Seatings are from 1:00-2:30pm & 2:30-4:00pm, and you must pre-register for your desired seating. All seatings begin promptly. Those who need to catch a plane or train should register for the first seating.

At L'ARTISAN PARFUMEUR, we are thrilled to have you meet L'Artisan President Francois Duquesne, who will present new releases and share hisexperiences with fragrance. Leave with tons of samples!

At AEDES DE VENUSTAS, 4:00-6:00pm, we are excited to present:

- Jeanne from Septimanie Perfumes who will introduce Pavillon des Fleurs.

- Andrew Sedlock from Diptyque who will present their three newest launches. Special Diptyque 40th Anniversary book available this day only!

- Mona di Orio, to share her newest fragrance, Amyitis.

In addition, we will preview the new Annick Goutal Les Orientalistes, two new Amouage scents, and the Andy Tauer collection, and you can sample from the hundreds of lines that Aedes carries!

**Special scrumptious prosecco Bellinis, and a terrific gift bag!

To make it easy to register, we have combined the event registration fee
and lunch charge into one payment. The lunches include an appetizer,
main course, dessert, non-alcoholic beverage, tax & gratuity. If you
purchase the full weekend package, you  SAVE!

*A percentage of the Event Registration fees will be donated to Guidedogs for the Blind *

The rates are as follows:
Saturday, 4/12: $67 covers event & lunch
Sunday, 4/13: $67 covers event & lunch
Full weekend: $130 covers events 4/12 & 4/13 & lunches both days

You can register at via PayPal. You will need to log in with
your Username and Password to access the "Event Registration" page.
If you have questions or need to make other payment arrangements, please
contact Karen Adams at

Looking forward to seeing our old friends and meeting our new ones...

Viva La Sniffa, Baby!

Karen Dubin - Founder & Director
Karen Adams - Executive Operations Manager

Scented Très Bon Sandalwood Fans...

Also at Bergdorf Goodman...
My Favorite Creed's
by Raphaella

Creed Fragrances hold a special place in my heart, from the haunting
Fleur de Bulgarie which transports me to some other place and time;
yet very "today" and modern; to Fleurissimo, whose beauty is classic.

I always ignored the Creed's whenever I visited Bergdorf's, never sure
why, but I always gravitated elsewhere, not really understanding. I then
fell in love with "The Roses of Creed"  The Roses then opened up other
Creeds and now I wonder what took me so long.

You have to open your head, your heart and nose to understand the
beauty of Creed, they have rapidly become one of my favorite houses
and many of you understand why-

Of course, the men all love Creed, some of the are so supremely masculine one almost swoons
with so much heady testosterone. All of my perfumista girlfriends wear the men's and unisex Creed's but I am not that brave-not yet.

If you are a new Sniffapalooza member attending for the first time to the Spring Fling, please
visit Theresa and the great and knowledgeable staff at Creed and the big round table
full of fragrances.  I will never forget Theresa singing about Creed in a rap song at
the last Bergdorf breakfast-everyone went wild with delight.

Me? You will find me hovering nearby checking out the Creeds that I have missed...


A fragrance fit for all women, you do not have to look like Grace Kelly to feel the power of Fleurissimo. It is a subtly intoxicating bouquet of feminine composition of rose and tuberose, subtly enhanced with violet leaves and Florentine iris, making this fragrance the epitome of beauty.

Feminine and beguiling, versatile and easy to wear, the pedigreed scent exudes privilege, wealth, and a world of infinite possibilities. 

CREED Fleurissimo is the fragrance CREED created in 1956 for Grace Kelly to wear on her wedding day.  It was a royal commission CREED received from Miss Kelly's fiance, Prince Rainier of Monaco.  Created with ingredients including white flowers, CREED Fleurissimo was blended to complement the white bouquet Princess Grace carried as she walked down the aisle.  Thus was born Fleurissimo, the perfume created for Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.  Fleurissimo is a majestic scent, once worn exclusively by a legendary woman of international acclaim.

In 2006, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the wedding of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier, CREED reissued Fleurissimo in the original bottle shape the Princess preferred.  This is the elegant "drop-shoulder" bottle that recalls the exquisite form of Her Serene Highness herself. 

Fleurissimo is a floral, fresh fragrance, a sumptuous blend with a top note of bergamot, a middle note of tuberose, (white flower)  Bulgarian rose, violet and Florentine iris and a base note of ambergris. 

Fleurs de Bulgarie

I have a huge rose fragrance collection and of course, all of them are wonderful and special. I adore all of "My Roses" but there are only a few roses in my collection though that sing with unabashed glory and that is Fleurs De Bulgarie, Creed Fleurs de The Rose Bulgare, Edouard Flechier Une Rose and Guerlain Rose Barbare. 

Fleurs De Bulgarie is such a haunting perfume for me and I can never put my finger on it, I am almost transported to 'Somewhere In Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.  The beautiful rose scent with ambergris and musk, it simply transcends other fragrance in the world smells like this, it is so unique.

Once I sampled it, I could not get my mind off it's beauty and was obsessed until I owned it.

Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie is a gorgeous fragrance made from the rarest Bulgarian rose essences with ambergris and musk to provide depth and tenacity. Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie is based on a perfume created by Creed in the nineteenth century for Queen Victoria.

Funny, it is so sexy on me,
I cannot even imagine Queen
Victoria wearing this but see
how beautiful she is with her rose
in hand? 

Fleurs De Bulgarie is a timeless
classic and romantic fragrance. 

Fantasia de Fleurs, Tuberose Indiana and Creed Fleurs de The Rose Bulgare reviews next issue!

Creed fragrances are avaliable and can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue NYC and Aedes de Venustas and Creed website
A very special thank you to the incredible and generous perfumers
and sponsors that donated items for the special upcoming Sniffapalooza
Magazine Raffle to be held at Seppie's restaurant and Country Cafe during
Spring Fling.  It is with honor to present our sponsors:  

Christopher Brosius CB I hate perfume
Ulrich Lang Anvers New York
Yosh Han
Andy Tauer Fragrances
Dorothy McCall Kingsbury Fragrances
Neil Morris Fragrances
Ajne Perfumes
Sarah Barton King The Pink Room
Holt Publishing
Raphaella Brescia Barkley

See you then and good luck! -RB